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Fear of framing

6 September 2010 Happy @ home

So here’s a quirky little peccadillo I’ve never told you about. You know I like to take pictures, right? I’ve got tonnes of pictures of the boys, of landscapes, of still lifes, of people and stuff and abstracts, you name it and I’ve photographed it, and some of them are actually pretty good if I […]

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It’s been four days – is it time to call in The Unsellables yet?

1 September 2010 Happy @ home

This whole house-selling thing? Is way too much work. Way, way too much work. I haven’t been this tired since there was a newborn in the house. I’d thought that getting the place up to standard would be the hard part, and that simply keeping it clean for the showings would be challenging but not […]

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The great decluttering movement of 2010

30 August 2010 Happy @ home

When we found the house in Manotick, we hadn’t been seriously looking for a place, and we had entertained only the briefest thoughts about selling our place. Mostly, the thoughts were along the lines of, “Man, if we were ever to have to sell this place, we’d have a crapload of work to do.” To […]

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23 August 2010 Happy @ home

Phew, it’s been a crazy week. How crazy? I haven’t taken a picture in more than a week. Can you imagine? Truth be told, I’m not actually sure where my Nikon is right now. I think I saw it last on top of an empty bookshelf that belongs in the dining room but is propped […]

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The great house adventure phase two – preparations

17 August 2010 Happy @ home

In today’s episode of The Great House Adventure, our heroine is drunk on sleep deprivation from lying awake nights listening to rampaging thunderstorms and wondering if she’s not leading the family off a cliff with her home-buying impulses. Despite the sleep deprivation, I’m determined to stay relatively zen about this whole experience. It *will* all […]

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On househunting (part one of many)

13 August 2010 Happy @ home

Those of you who follow me on twitter have already been privy to the angst, but I think I’ve exceeded the satisfaction that 140 characters worth of hand-wringing can afford me. So, we’ve officially started looking for a new home. Okay, I’ve officially started looking for a new home. Beloved watches the endeavour in the […]

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In the garden of benign neglect

9 June 2010 Happy @ home

Did you ever read Stephen King’s Pet Semetary, where dead things mysteriously come back to life? Yeah, my garden is like that. When we moved in back in 2003, there were two trees — really, barely more than saplings — in the back yard. Not long after, one of them reverted to upright stick status […]

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On Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

27 March 2010 Happy @ home

I admit, although I’d heard of Jamie Oliver before yesterday, I had only the vaguest idea who he was. A friend of mine cooked up some of his recipes for a dinner party once, and I was impressed. But I’d heard he called feeding your kids junk food child abuse, and I was not impressed. […]

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Patchin’ it, old skool

4 February 2010 Happy @ home

When I saw the tear in the knee of Tristan’s gorgeous new Gap cargo pants, I was more than annoyed. I was disappointed, and frustrated. The boy is hard on his clothes. We hand down a lot of t-shirts in my house, but pants rarely survive to have a boy grow out of them. Even […]

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DaniGirl versus the Mouse, Round 2

8 December 2009 Happy @ home

Remember in my previous post, when I said about the mouse living in our basement “He is Legion”? I had no idea. The mice, they are everywhere. They are in my garage, they are in my basement, they are even in my office, a whole 10 km away from my house. I swear, I am […]

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