Happy @ home

In which she discovers the effect of a roll of toilet paper on a load of laundry

23 September 2012 Happy @ home

Have you ever wondered what might happen if you throw a roll of toilet paper into a load of laundry? Or moreso, a roll of one-ply paper on a load of dark dress clothes? Well wonder no more, bloggy peeps, because there is NOTHING I will not do in the name of scientific examination and […]

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Our first CSA share from Roots and Shoots Farm!

29 June 2012 Eating and thinking and thinking about eating

Yesterday I picked up our first CSA (community shared agriculture) share from Roots and Shoots farm. I was supposed to pick it up Wednesday in Manotick, but apparently I can’t read simple directions and managed to miss the first pick-up entirely, but they were nice enough to let me come out to the farm for […]

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This may be the most excited I’ve ever been about vegetables

4 May 2012 Happy @ home

I‘ve been hearing about community supported agriculture (CSA) for quite some time, and meaning to do it for a while. The way it works is that you buy a “share” in a local farm early in the year, and then you get a regular selection of the fruits and/or vegetables harvested from the farm at […]

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The garden that wasn’t to be

16 August 2011 Happy @ home

In the dark, cold days of January, I wrote this ridiculously optimistic list of things that I couldn’t wait to do this summer, and at the top of that list was a garden. I’d imagined tilling up a meter or two of grass (we can certainly spare it) to put in a little kitchen garden. […]

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Crazy garbage-picking wife

13 June 2011 Happy @ home

That’s what Beloved called me last week when I returned from errands with yet another car-load of other people’s junk, rescued from the curbside. “I’m going to start calling you ‘crazy garbage-picking wife,’” he said, while helping me pull the old, probably antique desk out of the car and carry it down to Simon’s room. […]

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In which the house of her dreams continues to vex her

26 December 2010 Happy @ home

We’ve just put the final bit of shiny wrap and silky ribbon on our first Christmas in our new house. It was, by all accounts, a lovely Christmas. Now with the insanity of the season more or less behind us, I thought I’d bring you up to speed on the ongoing saga of the house […]

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Today’s cautionary tale brought to you by the letter F, for furnace. And failure. And f*ck.

3 December 2010 Happy @ home

So here’s my nickel’s worth of free advice for you. When your 19 year old (but only two months old to you) furnace starts making odd squeaky noises when it starts up, you should not ignore it. You may wish to ignore it, especially if you are in the midst of a newly identified mould […]

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Welcome home

7 October 2010 Happy @ home

Guess what we got today? A new house!!

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Five things I couldn’t throw away

6 October 2010 5 things

As I’m packing, I keep having these great ideas for blog posts that will never get written, because they’ll either be no longer relevant or (more likely) completely forgotten by the time my life slows down enough to allow for regular blogging again. Some ideas that will likely never see the light of day: Five […]

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Moving experiences

4 October 2010 Happy @ home

We’re in the home stretch on the big move now. We take possession of the new house in Manotick on Thursday, and we move the week after that. We’ve got the basement and the garage mostly packed up, and boxes piled in every corner of the house. I think we’re on track, but still vaguely […]

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