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New Ottawa Ikea Sneak Peek!

6 December 2011 Consumer culture

It was a dark and stormy night in Ottawa, but it was dry and bright with brilliant colours inside the new Ikea during the special media sneak peek last night! ZOMG, what an awesome, enormous store!! It’s laid out on two levels – if you walk the maze through both levels, you’ve traversed an impressive […]

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Countdown to Ikea’s grand opening!!

2 December 2011 Consumer culture

It’s been a looooooooong wait since we first heard the news back in January of 2009 (eek, I was just starting my very first 365 project that month, seems like a hundred years ago!) that Ikea would be opening the Largest! Ikea! in Canada! right here in Ottawa. It will be 427,000 sq. ft. of […]

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Two tales of customer service done right

3 January 2011 Consumer culture

This is the story of two companies, one big and one small, that impressed me over the holiday break. I think businesses get a lot of flack when they do poorly, but not nearly enough props when they get it right. On the Monday after Christmas, I walked into the Manotick Village Butcher looking for […]

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O Christmas Tree

23 November 2010 Consumer culture

Okay bloggy peeps, here’s another debate that started on Twitter but simply needs more than 140 characters to be fully explored. I am in the market for a new Christmas tree. I have an ‘artificial’ tree that is one of the last surviving remnants from the practice marriage. It’s nearly 20 years old (holy crap, […]

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The newest member of our family

11 November 2010 Consumer culture

I adopted a new coffee maker this week. This is a momentous occasion in our household, as the coffee pot is often the last safety rail between me and the gaping maw of insanity. I don’t just like coffee. I need coffee. My name is DaniGirl, and I am a java junkie. We got our […]

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This is worth reviving the sideblog for!

24 September 2010 Consumer culture

Found this and had to share! “Ever dreamed to go space journy with your R2D2?? Unfortunately, such a dream can’t be true at the moment. But now this tiny R2D2 can serve you Soy Sauce by your one-hand little move, leaning the R2 body a little to put appropriate Soy Sauce on Chinese or Japanese […]

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Talk fridgey to me, baby!

20 September 2010 Consumer culture

In the ongoing evolution of the Great Moving Project of 2010, we have moved beyond the rush of finding, the excitement of buying, the panic of preparing and the pain of selling. While we endure the seemingly endless wait until the waiver of conditions, anticipated for late this week or early next, we now turn […]

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Okay, bloggy peeps, talk to me about bicycles

13 April 2010 Consumer culture

Sheesh, can you tell I’m on a self-improvement kick? Healthier foods, the 100-push-up challenge (are you in?) and now — I’m thinking of bicycling in to work. Can you tell I get all fired up by the spring sunshine? It’s about a 10 km jaunt from home to work for me. Most of it is […]

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In which she joins the ranting multitudes on Apple’s ridiculous iTunes gift card policies for Canadians buying apps

11 January 2010 Consumer culture

So I got an iPod Touch for Christmas, as I mentioned. And, as I mentioned, even though I hadn’t even asked for it and when I opened it, wasn’t entirely convinced I wanted it, in the two weeks I’ve had it I’ve come to love it dearly. It didn’t take long for me to start […]

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Loblaws Holiday Giveaway!

3 December 2009 Consumer culture

When my friends at Hill and Knowlton asked me if I’d be interested in sponsoring a Loblaws / President’s Choice holiday giveaway, I was torn. I have a very intense relationship with Loblaws, even though I’m pretty sure Loblaws doesn’t even know I exist. (Seems alarmingly like most of my high school relationships, now that […]

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