Photo of the day: Moonset behind the bridge

by DaniGirl on March 5, 2016 · 0 comments

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I took this photo last week and forgot to share it. I was on my way to work and noticed the fat orange full moon setting to the west. As I was driving down River Road, I wondered if the moon would line up perfectly in the arches of the Strandherd-Armstrong bridge. I drove through the bridge intersection and took a quick glance, but I could see that the alignment was a little off. I kept driving but was thinking about the composition and the fact that the moon and bridge wouldn’t line up like this for another half a year, and about a kilometer down the road I turned around and parked the car in the lot near the bridge.

Did I mention it was colder than -20C with the wind chill?

Moonset over Barrhaven and the Strandherd Bridge

I wish I hadn’t taken that extra couple of minutes, so the moon was just a shade higher on the horizon and those clouds were a bit further back. It’s not until you start taking photographs that you realize how changeable nature is. And I thought moving toddlers were hard to capture!

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