Photo of the day: Red chairs overlooking downtown

I was at a conference this week and I brought my camera along, thinking of maybe a lunchtime walk on the Canal. Although I am really, really happy with my new job, and I really love my newly shortened commute, I do miss my lunchtime wanders downtown! I didn’t make it out for a lunchtime wander, but prowling around the Shaw Centre before the conference led me to this spectacular view out over the Rideau Canal, the Parliament Buildings and downtown Ottawa on a frosty winter morning. I think the red chairs are part of Parks Canada’s #ShareTheChair program.

Red chairs overlooking downtown Ottawa

I love the geometric shapes, and wretchedly pulled a muscle in my leg trying to get a stance just right that centred the Peace Tower in one of those triangles. #photographerproblems

Funny that I’ve walked by and photographed this area so many times, but didn’t realize that this awesome view was accessible to the public! I guess it just goes to prove what I’ve been learning all these years – beautiful photos are always lurking in the most unexpected situations.

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