Photos of the day: Reindeers and Christmas Jedi

How do you torture a photographer? Send her two exquisitely cute families for Christmas portraits on the porch, and then make her choose just ONE for the photo of the day. I seriously couldn’t do it!

First, these two dropped by. Little Miss was a little bit shy, and a lot three years old. Sometimes, that can be a disasterous combination, but in just a few minutes I had her warmed up like a fuzzy pair of favourite mittens. You can’t see from this photo, but these children have the most beautiful eyes. Hers are brown and soulful, and her brother’s are the most intriguing green and hazel.

Christmas portraits

It just so happens that the mom has the most spectacularly pretty eyes I’ve seen since my own mom’s eyes. 🙂

Christmas portraits

And then, through a most excellent coincidence of timing (also known as the Magic of Photoshop), this wandering reindeer happened to appear just in time for a cameo!

Christmas portraits

As if that weren’t enough cuteness for the day, I then had the pleasure of working playing with this trio who first appeared on the porch back in my first year of business. They are cuter than ever in their festive finery!

Jedi family Christmas ;)

The thing I love about repeat clients is that they know me well enough to know I’m pretty easy going, and no idea is too silly to try at least once. This is how we ended up with another reindeer cameo! (You’ll see this is a considerable refinement of my first attempt at this set-up from last year!)

Jedi family Christmas ;)

I got a last-minute email just before this session from their mom, who also happens to be a long-time reader of the blog. “Is it okay if we bring our Jedi robes?” How is that even a question? Of COURSE it’s okay if you bring your Jedi robes. And this happened.

Jedi family Christmas ;)

Most! Fun! Christmas! Photo! Day! Ever!!

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