Photo(s) of the day: Pumpkin picking 2015

Ever since we moved to Manotick, one of our favourite family traditions has been our autumn trip to Miller’s Farm to pick our Halloween pumpkins. I don’t know whether it’s the October light or the fact that the boys genuinely love the excursion, but there are always fun photos to be found.

I particularly like this one: which one is the jack-o-lantern with the gap-toothed smile?

Pumpkin picking 2015-2

Pumpkin picking 2015-4

Pumpkin picking 2015-6

He’s almost as tall as his dad, and can carry his own (ridiculously large) pumpkin.

Pumpkin picking 2015-3

They’re still pretty patient about posing for me. And cute, to boot!

Pumpkin picking 2015-5

Pumpkin picking 2015-7

Pumpkin picking 2015-8

We interrupt this post for a flashback to 2011:

302:365 The boys in the Pumpkin House

Oh my goodness! Just a few changes in four years, right? Sigh. Some things don’t change, though. The boys went to play parkour on the hay bales while I entertained myself taking photos of not-them with my fish-eye lens.

Pumpkin picking 2015-10

Pumpkin picking 2015-12

And since I’m searching the archives, here’s another pumpkin trio — from 2009!

271:365 The cutest pumpkins in the patch

I am grateful to have such sweet boys to indulge me, for family traditions, and for this blog to archive my memories and share them with you. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Photo(s) of the day: Pumpkin picking 2015”

  1. we did our annual trip Friday.. been going to the same patch for 11 years…. loved it, but also had a feeling like maybe this will be our last year. boys wanted to go but once we got there, they seemed at a loss. sounds odd, but I get it. hard to let you of traditions but also natural they will grow out of some. love your photos as always!

  2. Fall is my favorite time of year for all of the delicious scents of apples and comfort foods, but especially for the vivid, warm colors outdoors. You’ve really captured that cozy feeling in these photos. I just love the punch of orange in the pumpkins against the blues and neutral browns.

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