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by DaniGirl on August 24, 2013 · 1 comment

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This summer is clearly too jam-packed full of fun for me to be able to keep up with my weekly photo posts! Here’s another couple of weeks in photos.

These two weeks have had a definite farm flavour to them. I was invited to join an extended family on their farm near Metcalfe one afternoon and I have to say that it was one of my most favourite photo sessions ever. More on that soon, but how could you go wrong with a family this adorable against a backdrop like this??

photo of a happy family outside on a farm

And then there was my visit to Kricklewood Farm. More on that soon, too!

Love letters to a sunflower farm

We’ve made great use of the new treehouse this summer. In addition to using it as a movie screen, we use it to exercise the dog. Bella has decided that the swinging rope is a dog toy. It’s pretty funny to watch her grab hold and yank, often swinging right off her feet!

photo of a dog outside pulling on a rope

Another reason there was no photo post last week was because I was having too much fun with my visiting brother and his kids. Having five kids in the house elevates the chaos level *almost* as much as it elevates the cute level. I do adore them so!

portrait of smiling happy brothers, sisters and cousins

And there were still pretty flowers just waiting to be admired and slathered with texture. I may love coneflowers almost as much as I love sunflowers.

Coneflowers again!

There’s just something about a shabby chic fence with flowers, isn’t there?

Happy Fence -- Sunday?

But then eek! This happened. I’m NOT READY!!!!!!

Too soon!!

And last but not least, the other night after a day of rain, there were lovely rainbows arcing across Manotick.

photo of a rainbow over a house with a big porch

It’s a good sign when you follow the rainbow and find it ends on your house, right?

It's good luck when the end of the rainbow is over your bedroom, right?

I’ll let you know if we find any leprechauns lurking in the treehouse. šŸ˜‰

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1 Raj @Pink Chai Style August 24, 2013 at 5:30 pm

That pick-up truck in the first picture is the best colour ever – gorgeous! And rainbow over your house, amazing!! Loving the pictures, so glad I stumbled onto your blog today, look forward to reading more.

Pink Chai Style

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