January 2013

This week in pictures: Vignettes and cats and a nomination!

16 January 2013 Photo of the Day

Oops, I’m late posting this! What a week it’s been!! (A post for another day…) Ahem, anyway…. I haven’t been carrying my Nikon around with me this week. I’ve mostly been using my iPhone for pictures. After the Instagram debacle, I considered deleting my account, but decided instead to keep it and simply delete any […]

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A fun project for an excellent cause

14 January 2013 Life in Ottawa

I am so excited about this! Last week, I read on Harry Nowell’s blog that he is putting together a celebrity photo contest in support of the Ottawa Food Bank. The celebrities won’t be IN the photos, however; they’ll be TAKING the photos, on the theme of “Why I love Ottawa/Gatineau.” The photos will be […]

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On Canadians and space and cheeky geekery

10 January 2013 Life in Ottawa

I have always been a bit of a space geek. When I was a kid, I read every single book on astronomy in the public library, and I’ve always been fascinated by space and cosmology. I think I like cosmology (the history of the universe) because it means reading books in warm, bright places instead […]

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Reinvention 2013, and a new gizmo

8 January 2013 Me, only better

I have never been a fan of new year’s resolutions, but I am a sucker for a seasonal re-adjustment and reinvention. Something about January begs for a little bit of belt-tightening and clean living after the excesses and chaos of the holiday season. You might remember back in 2008, just after Lucas was born, over […]

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This week in pictures: Snow, snow and more snow

5 January 2013 Photo of the Day

We’ve received so much snow in the past couple of weeks that it’s hard to believe we had none on the ground in mid-December. We’ve had a lot of fun getting out and playing in it this week! A few of you have been by to see how well the front yard works as a […]

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Photo tricks – Adding snow with Photoshop

3 January 2013 Mothership Photography

Here’s something new I’ve been thinking about sharing on the blog – more sophisticated tips and tutorials for photography. This is a fun little trick I learned this year and I thought I’d share it with you. Want to make a fun winter photo even more wintry-looking? Add a little snow with Photoshop! First, you […]

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Our favourite kid books of 2012

2 January 2013 Books

Before I became a parent myself, I’d have been surprised to know that I’d still be reading aloud to the kids as they enter the double-digit years. The big boys will turn 9 and 11 this winter, and they still insist on nightly reading time. Beloved and I take turns reading to two big or […]

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