This week in pictures: brought to you by the letter F

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This week’s photographs are brought to you by the letter F!

Lucas was having fun on his bike when I managed to get him to hold still for just a minute so I could get in front of him. F is for fun!

Boy on a bike

And he was definitely having fun with this cut-out on the lawn of Watson’s Mill last weekend. (I swear, I have no idea where the pose came from, but I nearly fell over laughing at him! For a four-year-old boy, he’s got a good grasp on what mothering should look like!) F is for Funny:

This mothering thing is giving me a headache

I keep trying to shoot more black and white photographs, but I keep getting seduced by the colours of autumn. I liked how this one turned out, even if they’re being a little less than cooperative with the faces. F is for Fence and Faces.

Boys on the fence

Speaking of the colours of autumn, F is for Farm Fence:

Farm fence

F is definitely for Fog. Shhhh, I may have been a little late for work last Monday when I got downtown and saw that rich, thick fog had completely enveloped the Parliament Buildings. You get the most magical light just when the fog is breaking up – that’s the rising sun throwing fire on to the windows of the East Block on Parliament Hill. What an incredibly beautiful morning it was!

East Block aglow

Did I mention F is for Fall? (See, I just can’t stay away from the colour!)

Autumn leaves

F is for, ummmmmm, feet trodding on ancient roots? No, eh? How about F is for friends? F is for fiendishly cute?

Little boy, big tree

F is for finished! 🙂

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