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by DaniGirl on July 19, 2012 · 1 comment

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Oops! I was supposed to post this last week before we went on our summer road trip down to southern Ontario. Oh well, better late than never?

Wow, it seems like I took this two years ago instead of two weeks ago! I met with a fun family in the Arboretum for family pictures on a quiet Sunday morning. I’ll share more of the pictures from that session soon, but I loved the serenity of this one as they had a wee picnic with snacks for the kids, right at the end of our session.

Picnic in the park

This is Tristan in his natural habitat – exploring and climbing and being cute.

Tristan in a tree

FromWhereIStand – on a sidewalk mural downtown. Ooooo, shiny and colourful!

#fromwhereIstand - abstract

I drive by this spot every day on my way to work. The way the morning light hits the field always catches my eye. One day early this summer, maybe even mid-spring, I was zooming past and the little canyon was filled with cows. It was such an unexpected sight, cows all over those little hillocks, and the light was divine. And I was incredibly late and for once in my life didn’t have my camera with me. Every day since, I’ve driven past and looked wistfully at the spot, but every day no cows. And then one morning last week, cows! Not a whole herd of cows, like last time, but these two at least. I had to stop, after all that regretting that I’d missed it the first time around.

cow canyon

Lucas on the run:


These aren’t my coneflowers, they’re my neighbour’s. The ones I planted the day after I took this are already brown and crispy. I’ll blame the drought and not my embarrassing lack of gardening juju.


I have been coveting a wide angle lens for a while, and knowing we’d be going down to southern Ontario farm and lake country for our vacation, I figured it would be an excellent time to rent one for the week to take it for a test drive. I got a 10-24mm DX lens from Vistek for a week. OMG how much do I love it??? The nature of a wide angle lens makes it distort anything that it is very close to, and pushes everything else even further away. It’s great for sweeping vistas, which I’ll show you in next week’s pictures, but how fun are these?

wide fun 4


wide fun 2


wide fun 3


I love this lens a little too much!

Sorry for the radio silence this week, but I have SO MUCH to tell you about coming up in the next little while. Be prepared to be spammed, as soon as I unpack and clean out the car and get my passport. Passport? Stay tuned! 😉

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1 Chantal July 19, 2012 at 8:17 am

Love those photos! All of them! Can’t wait to hear all about your next adventures!

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