Project 365: Joy and sadness and love and colour (aka the spectrum of life)

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You might have noticed the sparse blogging this week. This past week and the one coming up mark a crazy end-of-summer transition time that encompass not only back to school for the boys and Beloved, but a new job for me, a new caregiver for Lucas, and an impromptu 24-hours-notice visit from my brother and his family. All very good things, but I kind of feel like I’m living in a whirlwind these days!

You’d never know it from the serenity of this picture, though. As the days get shorter and the nights get cooler, I’m seeing a lot of this delicious mist swirling on the Rideau as the sun crests over the trees. (I know the purple loosestrife is a pestilence, but it sure is a purty pestilence.)

239:365 Misty morning on the Rideau

Flowers like rain, even if rambunctious kids don’t.

240:365 Yellow, after the rain

I can’t decide if this one is overdone. The apples are great, but maybe the dollar-store fall garland pushed it beyond yummy into hokey? Hmmm, might have to revisit this one later in apple season.

243:365 Autumn apples

As I mentioned a few times now, I’ve gone back to my old job downtown. The 45-minute commute is a bit of a drag, but I have to admit that I am excited to be back down in the Byward Market again. The energy in the Market is the polar opposite of the serene tranquility in the misty river shot above, but it’s kind of nice having both in the same day.

My very first day was also the second day that Jack Layton was laying in state for public condolences on Parliament Hill. I had hoped that maybe I could make my way over there, but first days have a mind of their own and it didn’t work out. I was, however, able to stand at my new office window and pay my respects as the 15-gun salute was fired. Such a terrible loss for all of us. I’m glad I have this picture, to remind me of the excitement of my first day and the jaw-dropping shock of this gorgeous view all playing out against the backdrop of public grieving. Rest in peace, Jack.

244:365 Saying goodbye to Jack

On the other side of the building, of course, lays the bustling Byward Market, which is both a gustatory and visual festival of tastes and colours. Harvest season is a such great time to be near the Market!

245:365 Summer harvest

This is my niece sharing her discovery, a wooly bear caterpillar (which will become, I found out thanks to the Interwebs, an Isabella tiger moth.) I love the combination of the chipped red nail polish and the dirt on her hands — my kind of girl!

242:365 Look what I found!

You know I’ve hung out my shingle as a family photographer, and I have to tell you, it’s turning into a fun and lucrative little endeavour. But for all the great family pictures I’ve taken, I’ve never really gotten one of my own extended family that I loved. Until now, that is.

241:365 My crazy family

You can see that they genuinely love each other, and isn’t that what it’s really all about?

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