A bedtime conversation

It’s beyond bedtime, and I’ve gone downstairs to say goodnight to the big boys, who are temporarily sharing a room again while we reconstruct the bedroom recently divested of its mould problem.

The boys are giggling.

Simon: “Mom, Tristan is telling me how far away things are!”

Me: “Is that right? Well, just be careful what you believe. Your brother is occasionally full of bananas.”

Simon, with admiration in his voice: “He says Mars is 99 kilometers away from the Earth.”

I decide against launching into an explanation of the vagaries of measuring the distance between two celestial bodies orbiting around a common point, and instead simply say, “Um, not quite. It’s more like 100 million kilometers.”

Both boys, in unison: “Whoa!”

*small pause*

Tristan, still sounding impressed: “I did not know that.”

I laughed all the way upstairs. I hope the day never comes that I’m not smart enough to impress my boys.

Author: DaniGirl

Canadian. storyteller, photographer, mom to 3. Professional dilettante.

6 thoughts on “A bedtime conversation”

  1. My dauther believes in my superpowers, like knowing which wrapped gift is for who (I never write names on the gifts – and yes they’re already under the tree) and flying the supermarket cart – she still sits in it, so she doesn’t see my feet when I climb on the cart).

    I wish it will never ends.

  2. Thanks for letting us be privy to a great conversation. Love the *bedtime talks* that goes on between kids. Merry Christmas Dani, all the best to your family and Katie!

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