In which her two-year-old reminds her of the important things in life

by DaniGirl on April 25, 2010 · 5 comments

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Lucas has been sick for a couple of days now — fever, snot, cough, and holding his ears on and off. He’s been getting worse instead of better, and fearing ear infections or other bacterial infections, I made an appointment with the on-call ped today.

Even though he has not previously had any problems with going to the doctor, as soon as we told him that’s where we were going, he started to fuss. “No doctor, no doctor!” he cried as we tried to put on his coat and shoes.

“Okay,” I told him to settle him, cringing at the idea of a 30-minute drive downtown with a howling toddler, “we’ll just go look at some flowers. Would you like to go look at the flowers?” Thankfully, this appeared to be a much better idea than going to the doctor. And, knowing we would be swinging down Queen Elizabeth past Dows Lake just as the tulip beds were reaching full bloom, there would in fact be lots of flowers to admire on the way. To the doctor.

I should have known that on a perfectly sunny April morning, odds were better than good that Queen Elizabeth would be closed, and it was. I thought maybe the cows and the other bits of minutaie we’d admired on the way into town would have sufficed, but Lucas has a longer memory that I would have given him credit for. We were in and out of the ped’s office in about six minutes — no ear infection, clear lungs, just a wickedly bad cold — and on our way out Lucas looked at me and said, “Where are the flowers?”

I looked around and considered for a minute. I had a long to-do list in my head that did not include walking around the Glebe looking at the flowers. I didn’t even have my camera with me — for shame! But, it was a gorgeous morning. And the flowers were pretty. And, most importantly, a little walk around the block would both allow me to keep my word and make Lucas happy. The to-do list could wait.

As we set off around the block, I was still a little preoccupied. Ugh, I thought, did I choose the longest block in the Glebe? Could I get away with just walking a couple dozen meters and then turning around? But the sun was warm and the air was fresh, and as we stopped to admire magnolia petals and fading daffodils and interesting-looking stones, I found myself relaxing and enjoying the walk.

Lucas is normally a “me do it” kind of toddler, quite impatient with the idea of being held back by anything, so it might have been the fact that he was feeling unwell or just the moment that made him hold so tightly to my hand as we walked. I realized, as we inspected some particularly fascinating berries growing on a shrub, that in that moment I was perfectly content. Yes, I still had an otherwise miserably sick toddler on my hands, and I still had a lot of other crap to take care of during the rest of the day, and now it would take me just a little bit longer to get it all done.

But, in that sunny amble that took the best part of half an hour, my two-year-old son reminded me of the kernel of truth in the hoariest of clichés — you really do have to remember to stop and smell look at the flowers sometimes.

Thanks, Lucas.

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1 Amy @ Muddy Boots April 25, 2010 at 11:32 am

A lovely post and a wonderful reminder, Dani.

Would’ve been better with a picture… *wink*

2 Jody April 25, 2010 at 2:01 pm

What a lovely day.

Isn’t it sad, and strange, how hard it can be sometimes to let go and enjoy those moments? I worry sometimes that they slip away without my noticing what I’ve missed.

3 Anonymous April 25, 2010 at 2:50 pm

Just what makes being a Mother so wonderful!

4 snackmommy April 25, 2010 at 6:33 pm

No picture needed, as it could never match the one I have in my mind of the two of you. And honestly, don’t you sometimes find with the camera that you are so busy trying to capture the moment that you miss truly reveling in it….perhaps that alone contributed to enjoyment.

5 Shannon April 29, 2010 at 8:43 pm

What a great post. I’m often in too much of a hurry and pulling my toddler by the hand to notice things like that and every so often he’ll tug my hand and point at something….something I’d never take a second glance at. Oh to be so young and innocent again.

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