Welcome to our newest sponsor: BraChic!

I‘d like to extend a special welcome to the newest sponsor of Postcards from the Mothership, Ottawa’s own BraChic.

I am so pleased to have Marianne and her shop advertising here for several reasons: I love the shop itself, I love the idea of supporting local business, and I love the serendipity of how this arrangement came to be.

You might remember my blog post from this summer, of how walking into BraChic one day totally revolutionized how I see my body. Really, I’m not exaggerating. I was seriously considering a breast reduction when I realized that a well-fitting bra can do as much, if not more, to make you look and feel better than a scalpel could. I still love the two bras I bought at BraChic and think that I might be due for a third some time in the new year.

So I wrote about my bra-fitting experience, and at least some of you read it and wandered on down to BraChic yourself, because Marianne said that people had mentioned the blog post to her. And then one day I noticed that Marianne had also linked to my blog post in the “news” section of her Web site, so on a whim I approached her an asked if she’d be interested in advertising and she said yes right away. It took us a few months of missed contacts, vacations and downed Internet connections to get the deal put together, but I’m thrilled to have her on board.

Initially, she sent me this image when we were discussing how the ad might look. I could never have made it work as a sidebar image, but I knew when I saw it that I had to share it with you. Is this not awesome? It’s for a line called HotMilk Maternity Lingerie. I love this ad!

HotMilk ad

So thanks, Marianne and BraChic, for being one of the hand-picked sponsors of Postcards from the Mothership.

(And no, it has not escaped my attention that both my current advertisers are bra-related business, and I spend so much time yammering about my vexatious breasts that they need their own damn category. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence….)

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6 thoughts on “Welcome to our newest sponsor: BraChic!”

  1. That is one hot mama.

    I was so inspired by that post you did about BraChic that I’m going for my first-ever bra fitting on Tuesday! I wanted to go to BraChic when I was home for a visit but time didn’t allow so I’m going to Rigby and Peller here in London – official lingerie suppliers to the Queen! Oh god, now I’ve started talking about my boobs online… you are not a good influence…

  2. Hahaha! Oh Hillary, this is the kind of comment that makes me happy about the silly old blog. To have inspired both a proper bra fitting AND random online ramblings about boobs? This is what it makes it all worthwhile! 😉

    You and the Queen, eh? I think I’ll leave that bit uncommented-upon.

    (More hahaha: captcha = twice applauded! Not sure if that’s once for you and once for the Queen, or once for each boob!)

  3. i so want a bra party…we should have a postcards from the mothership boob fitting night;)…i mean bra fitting:)

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