New header images!

I stole 30 minutes from Lucas’s nap this afternoon and tweaked some of the old header banners and added five new ones. Refresh a couple of times and let me know what you think! I think my fave is the sunflowers — they were a motif of mine for quite a while, and we found some lovely ones to photograph at the Farm today.

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10 thoughts on “New header images!”

  1. Sorry can’t look through while the giant spider picture is on your project 365 is there. I’ll come back tomorrow to look. Yep, I’m that arachnophobic!

  2. Ugh spiders!

    Oh wait, you asked about the headers. Three words. LUH-UVE THEM.

    I have serious blog envy.

    Word Verification: “mummery”. As in “get thee to one”?

  3. LOL Julie, I agree with you!! I posted the new pic a couple of hours ago, but the Flickr feed is sooooo slow these days!

    *waves and smiles at sky girl and Guillermo*

  4. Lovely! You inspired me to spend my first day with both boys in school at our local botanic gardens taking photos. I’m not quite up to trying 365 yet, but spending an occasional morning alone with my camera is appealing. I was proud of the results.

    They’re up on Flickr at

    Sorry for the self-promotion, but nobody in my family is terribly interested in them and I thought you might be. 🙂 If you perhaps remember who I am.

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