Project 365: Water play

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My favourite group on Flickr (365 Community) has a rotating optional theme. This week, I happened to have been tagged to choose the theme. With no hidden agenda whatsover in thinking about our trip to Niagara Falls, I chose the theme “water play”. I managed a few variations on the theme this week!

Before we even left for Niagara Falls, we spent a sunny Sunday morning at the local splash pad. Lucas absolutely loved it!

160:365 At the waterpark

You’ve seen some of these already in my Niagara Falls recap post, but what the heck. This is Tristan admiring the view when we first arrived in Niagara Falls.

162:365 At Niagara Falls

And this is my ultimate Canada Day shot, from the Maid of the Mist. (From a technical perspective, Beloved pointed out that the bit of deck rail in the lower left, the bit of darkness in the upper left and the dark side of the gorge on the right form a nice compositional triangle around the central subjects in the image. Oh, the things you learn from an artist!)

163:365 Happy Canada Day!

The other theme of the week was road-tripping. I like how crisp Lucas is in comparison to the motion blur outside the window behind him. (Not to mention the inherent cute factor of him playing with his dollar-store drawing thingee. He loves those things!)

161:365 Road Trip!

This one was on the trip home. I had my 50mm fixed lens on, and had to lean way forward in my seat to properly frame Tristan in this one. (He’s drawing a Pokémon card, and his hair is still wet from the water park at Great Wolf Lodge.)

163:365 The trip home: Tristan

Seems like I took these last pictures about a hundred years ago! This was taken on my last day before vacation. It’s the US Embassy in Ottawa, and I was trying to contrast the bright mirrored modernity of it with the beauty of the old “tax castle” beside it. I used B&W for this one to try to convey the starkness and unwelcomingness of this building and I liked how the lines on the Embassy pointed to the tax castle, too. It’s an okay image, but I’m still not sure I’m fond of it — it wouldn’t turn out like I was picturing it no matter what I did to it!

158:365 The US embassy in Canada

Finally, when all else fails, you can find a pretty flower to photograph. I planted this clematis three or four years ago and it promptly withered and died. To my surprise, it came up this summer absolutely covered in buds — I actually thought it was a weed at first. He’s the Little Clematis That Could!

159:365 Clematis

Edited to add: I almost forgot! This week was the end of the month, so I’ve got my monthy mosaic done for June. There were some colourful shots this month!!

June mosaic!

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