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by DaniGirl on June 22, 2009 · 5 comments

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In forty days, I’ll be forty years old. Eep! How did that happen?

You know why I know it’s forty days? Because yeseterday, when Beloved and I went out to buy my combination 40th-birthday / 10th-wedding-anniversary present, I was feeling a little guilty that it was neither our 10th wedding anniversary (July 3) nor my 40th birthday (August 1). But when I realized that it was 40 days until my 40th birthday, I was okay with the synchronicity in that. Twist my rubber arm.

The real reason we bought it yesterday was because it was on sale and I’m just a little bit more cheap thrifty than I am romantic. Ironic, really, because while I desperately wanted it, the last day I’d really need it is on the solstice, the longest, lightest day of the year.

It, if you haven’t figured it out yet, is a fancy-ass flash for my Nikon. Am I spoiled or what? I’ve wanted one in an oblique way for a couple of years, but now that I’m getting more creative and competent in my picture taking, I’ve been thinking for a few months that it would make a really kick-ass 40th birthday present. It’s a bit of an indulgent gift (much as I wish it were otherwise, we’re not $300-birthday-gift kind of people!) but my folks kicked in a bit, and 40th birthdays and 10th wedding anniversaries don’t come around every year, right?

But holy crap, off-camera flashes are a LOT more complicated than they were back in the days I was shooting film on my dad’s old AE1. (Or maybe I was just blissfully oblivious and always had my flash on the wrong setting? Good probability!) It’s much like my dSLR in that you can just pop it on the camera in auto mode and get flashing, but there are degrees of creative control that fill a 100-page manual filled with text that frankly makes my eyes glaze over!

It’s not exactly a featherweight, either. It probably doubles the bulk, if not the actual weight, of the camera. Good for planned semi-studio shots, not so good for toting around with you to the grocery store and the mailbox and all the other odd places to which I bring my camera. Good thing the long, delicious light of summer will be with us for a while!

I’ve become so anti-flash in the last little while that I got curious. When was the last time I used my on-camera flash anyway? Looks like this one, taken March 29, was the most recent one!

69:365 Slinky

And the idea that I’ll be 40 years old in 40 days? Wasn’t bothering me much at all until I kept typing it into this blog post! Why does 40 seem so much older when it’s pixelated in front of my eyes than it does when I try to stretch it out in my brain. How can I be 40 when I’m still 23?

Forty: the decade when she learned to flash. Yep, I think I’m good with that!

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1 Amy @ Muddy Boots June 22, 2009 at 1:10 pm

Can I ask where it was on sale and for what price? You can email me if that’s easier. In fact, I’m going to send you an email anyways…

2 DaniGirl June 22, 2009 at 1:24 pm

Sure Amy — it was on sale at Blacks for $249, and Henry’s matched the price. (The guy at the counter at Blacks didn’t even know what brand of camera the SB600 worked with! And *that’s* why I go to Henry’s or Vistek for my big-ticket purchases!)

3 Ari June 22, 2009 at 4:08 pm

congrats on such a fabulous present, I can’t wait to see what pictures you take with it!!

4 Mac and Cheese June 23, 2009 at 12:17 pm

Happy 40/40! You’ve got me avoiding flashes too. I don’t deserve the fancy flash though. Enjoy yours!

5 Sharon June 24, 2009 at 7:29 am

I like my flash, but I do use it sparingly I have that particural one. Although it does so much more than I know how to use it for. AIGT.

As for turning forty…I remember being at your house and saying my 40’s have to be way better than my 30’s. I had so much hardship in them and almost 6 years in, (YIKES) I do feel that they are much much better. Grant you it did hit me hard that I was 40. It was like WOW…I’m the same age my MOM was when she had my brother Mark. And she had just went back into the work force after being home forever. The best thing that came out of my 30’s was first and for most Nathan. Even though my hair is turning grey because of how diffiucllt he can be I love that little boy more than I can say. AND I met the most amazing bunch of women who I now consider my Closest and BESTEST Friends. And you know who you are. 😉
In my 40’s I love where I am mentally, although life is still tough at times, I take no shit (can I say that here on this blog?) and I am doing things for ME and ME only. I’m putting myself first and I am loving it. It makes me happier and a better and more loving person.

Ok That was a tangent. Happy 40th Dear Friend. I sure you 40’s will be as awesome as mine. (I just wish I had my 20 yr old Bod back)

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