May 2009

Wherein verbosity wins out over quality content. Again.

21 May 2009 Rants and rambles

I’m on day two of a migraine, and I’m stubbornly refusing to lower the blinds in my office so the bright morning light is making me squint rather unattractively at the monitor. I keep thinking, “I swear, the NEXT blog post will have actual real content. Just as soon as I get past XXX” — […]

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Good days, bad days

19 May 2009 It IS all about me

One of the most valuable things that this blog has given me has been a record of the minutiae of our daily lives. Not only of the milestones and special occassions and momentous changes, but of the rhythm of every-day life as our family has grown. And because I tend to blog whatever is in […]

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Free museum admissions in Ottawa on May 18

17 May 2009 Life in Ottawa

Looking for something to do in Ottawa tomorrow? May 18, 2009 is International Museum day, and you can get free admission to all or part of the exhibits at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, the Canadian War Museum, the Nature Museum and the National Gallery, among others. I think we’ll be checking out the Mythic […]

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Project 365: Reflections and raindrops

15 May 2009 Photo of the Day

Ooo, I’m very excited! Lots of new stuff to share with you today, not least of which is the new blog design. (Click through if you’re reading in a feed reader and tell me what you think!) Remember how excited I was when one of my pictures got the nod from Flickr’s capricious “Explore” function? […]

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14 May 2009 Editorial asides

So???? What do you think? (If you’re reading through a feed reader, you MUST click through — I’ve done a massive blog reno.) Mad props to Nikki at Design Coyote (and also at who managed to give me what I wanted instead of what I asked for. I was originally going to upload the […]

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Please stand by!

14 May 2009 Editorial asides

I’m tinkering!! I’ll let you know when I’m done!

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Talk to me about sleep training

14 May 2009 Lucas

First, I loved your comments on my last post, where I asked you your thoughts about letting my five- and seven-year-old boys walk around the block together alone. For now, we’ve decided to hold off, and I swear it’s not because my mother called me up the night I posted it and more or less […]

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Growing boys, growing freedom

12 May 2009 Mothering without a licence

We’ve talked about this subject before, but it’s always an interesting conversation to me. Mom, don’t read this post. You won’t like it! Now that the weather is fine, the boys have started playing outside every evening after dinner, and they’ve made friends with the family that lives across the back fence. Their kids are […]

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Random bullets of Mother’s Day

11 May 2009 Ah, me boys

In lieu of a coherent blog post, which I promise you is forthcoming one of these days (ahem, weeks) here’s a few random bullets of Mother’s Day. It started early as Simon woke me up at 5:25, clutching the Mother’s Day present he brought home from school on Friday anxiously as he stage whispered in […]

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Project 365: Pretty colours

8 May 2009 Photo of the Day

It’s been a crazy week, and I feel like I’ve been neglecting the poor blog lately. Blog makes a good argument for being the favourite child over Project 365 because it is not demanding and simply waits for me to be finished gallavanting and come back to lavish love and attention on it, while Project […]

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