Yay Day!

It’s a dreary kind of day here, grey and threatening rain – not that I can see a window from here. And I have a cold that kept me up all night and so I might have otherwise been tempted to be a little cranky and feel just a little bit sorry for myself.

But then I started thinking about all the things that I have to be grateful about these days:

  • a healthy, happy pregnancy. (What they say about the second trimester being the “honeymoon trimester” really is true, isn’t it?)
  • the new nanny. I don’t know who is happier, the boys or Beloved and I. Not once has Simon said, “I don’t want Jen to come over today” whereas he complained endlessly about going to the previous caregivers’ houses.
  • a four-day weekend this weekend, and a four-day weekend next weekend. Yay!
  • as if a four-day Labour Day weekend weren’t enough to celebrate all on its own, we’re going on a mostly FREE weekend getaway to Smuggler’s Notch resort in Vermont!! The media relations folks out there (Hi Karen and Barbara!) caught some of my posts about the trip to Bar Harbour in their ‘family vacations’ google filter, and they’re doing an experimental blogger outreach campaign. They’ve offered us the standard press package, including two nights of accomodation – free! We’ve got all sorts of cool activities lined up, like an “evening wildlife watch” family canoe trip, and day camp for the boys on Saturday so Beloved and I can enjoy a (don’t laugh!) Segway tour of the resort. You know, those stand-up motorized scooters? Now picture pregnant, naturally clumsy me on one of them – hilarity, if not trauma to innocent bystanders, is sure to ensue. Plus they have FOUR pools, EIGHT waterslides, a couple of different playgrounds, trail hiking, shopping… it’s going to be a busy weekend! (Don’t hate me; it’s an embarrassment of riches, I know. I’m not worthy – but I still said yes!)
  • and last, but not least, the boys continue to make me laugh every single day. We haven’t told them about the baby yet (the anticipation of the new school year is enough to make their little heads explode; I can’t burden them with a five month wait when I can barely stand it myself) but we have been casually dropping babies into the conversation a lot lately. The other night at bedtime, the boys spontaneously started talking about having a baby brother or sister. Tristan’s preference is for a baby boy, whom he thinks should be named “Joe Joe”. Simon, on the other hand, favours a baby sister, and he insists her name should be “Darth Luke”. Note to self: don’t engage the boys in the baby-naming process!

Now you go! What’s making the sun shine in your world today?

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18 thoughts on “Yay Day!”

  1. D –

    Well, to be honest, the mental image of you trying to wrestle a Segway down some dirt path, people (and wildlife) scattered like bowling pins in your wake, Beloved calmly Segwaying (is that a word?? What else would you call it???) behind you smirking silently (and pretending he doesn’t know you), is enough to brighten my day, and possibly several days to come.

    Have a great time…deep down I am jealous…..


  2. I’m happy because i had a dentist appointment today, and it reminded me how much i love going to this dentist. Seriously! Although everyone there is awesome, the receptionist, Tracey, makes my day everytime i talk to her on the phone or see her. She’s the best. What else? I’m happy that i have a handful of bloggy friends cheering me on my new WW adventure!

  3. Today is Yay day for me because my wonderful Father-in-Law is right this moment boarding a plane in Vancouver to come and stay with us for a few weeks or more (If I beg). Not only do we miss him terribly and love his visits, but J has talked non-stop for a year about his Opa, so this morning when he woke up and screeched, “No more sleeps ’till Opa gets here” we new today was going to be a great day!

    And can I admit how jealous I am of your free trip to Smugglers Notch? I hope you have a fantastic time, it should be a great adventure.

  4. It is a yay day for me because I had a great appointment with my Dr. yesterday, whom I love dearly. She said my IPS results were excellent – 1 in a million – she said she’s only ever seen that number once before! And heard baby boy’s heartbeat. That’s always wonderful!

    It’s a yay day because Christos is just so wonderful, funny, smart, adorable, lovable and every second with him is the greatest joy ever.

    Yay day because I’m getting two gorgeous pictures of him framed this weekend, from Florida.

    And yay day because if the weather cooperates, we’re going to take him to Park Omega and stay at Chateau Montebello this weekend.

    P.S. Dani – 3 dollar mat shirts at Old Navy Rideau Centre!!!

  5. We had a wonderful visit at the office today from Dal and she brought in her little princess Gabrièle. It was so great to see her- I still have a smile on my face! And Yay that I have NO plans this weekend!!! I asked my boyfriend out on a date for Saturday night- I hope he says yes! We haven’t had a “nothing” weekend since we started dating (ok that’s only been since June) but still! I spent time with my best friend last night- and we haven’t seen each other in a month since we vaca’d out East… that goes to show how busy my summer’s been- which is why this “nothing” weekend will eb filled with nothing fun… laundry, groceries, vegging… I can’t wait! (seriously, I’m not even being sarcastic!)

  6. My yay is the anticipation of a little surprise party tonight for a great friend whose mid-July birthday always gets lost in the shuffle of scattered summer plans. As I write, various girls are secretly gathering fresh flowers, prepping appetizers, picking up the wine, and icing cupcakes for this “one-month-later-UN-birthday dinner.” Can’t wait! (and I double-yay all of your yays, too, Danielle–it’s a great list!)

  7. It’s a yayday because I finally heard from the bank and the mortgage papers went to the lawyer today. Looks like we’re taking possession of the house on Monday. It was a stressful two weeks. Note to self: when buying another house, never accept a possession date within two and a half weeks of the offer. Yikes!

  8. First of all, Friday is always a yay day in my books!
    Second of all, picturing little miss “Darth Luke” made me laugh so hard coffe almost came out my nose.
    Lastly, it’s warm out again!!!!!

  9. Happy Friday!

    Darth Luke? -way too funny! That’s so awesome about your upcoming vacation!! Let us know how Smuggler’s Notch was… I requested their info pack back in March and Connor has been watching the DVD over and over (and over)… he can’t wait to go snowboarding there!

    Oh, and I’m saying yay because hubby and I are going to be kid free for the night!!

  10. Well, today I am happy because I just got back from the local farm and got loads of local veggies for $30!

    You will love Smuggler’s Notch, we went there several years ago, before we kids. It’s really really nice. I’m a little jealous! Make sure to fill us all in (I’m sure you will). 🙂

    Have blast!

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