February 2006

Sharing the bloggy love

17 February 2006 Uncategorized

Isn’t this sweet? Which one of you lovelies put me up for this?? Heather of One Woman’s World has put together a bloggy love award exclusively for women bloggers, and someone nominated this blog under the category of “Best Conversation”! I am particularly honoured by a nomination in this category because it’s really all about […]

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We may never get another pizza delivered after this…

16 February 2006 Uncategorized

It was my turn to bring the boys home from daycare last night. Unlike last week’s fiasco, where I towed them in the wagon the 3/4 of a kilometer home in -10C, only to realize I had forgotten my keys, and so promptly decided to drag the boy-filled wagon another kilometer or so to show […]

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10-pages-in book review: Woman First, Family Always

15 February 2006 10-pages-in

I’ve been agonizing over this review. About a month ago, I received an e-mail out of the blue, asking me if I’d be interested in receiving a book to review. I was so excited and proud to have been deemed worthy of solicitation! (Yes, I am easy to please.) Before I get into the actual […]

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Thankfully, needy wasn’t one of the choices

14 February 2006 Uncategorized

I said in my earlier post that I’m known for fishing for compliments. Thanks to this nifty tool, as filched from Phantom Scribbler, now you can tell me what you really think of me with just a few clicks of the mouse. It’s called a Johari window, and I remember studying it in one of […]

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This is not a post about love

14 February 2006 Uncategorized

It’s St Valentine’s Day, so I should be blogging about love, right? I was going to write a cute little thing about “Love is…” and list a bunch of reasons why I love my boys. But it was coming out sacchariny and contrived, and I wasn’t happy with it. So then I was going to […]

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Holy crap, I did it!

13 February 2006 Uncategorized

Last week, I was telling you that I had to take my second-language exam. In the obscure way of rating second-language ability for government employees, there is a five-point rating scale: x = statistically insignificantA = basic comprehensionB = intermediate abilityC = fluentE = exempt from future testing They measure your ability in three categories […]

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Sunday morning at the museum

13 February 2006 Uncategorized

We’re lucky to have a lot of great museums in Ottawa. On a Sunday morning, when the windchill is a nippy – 20C, visiting one of the local museums is a great way to burn off some preschooler energy. And taking pictures and posting them is a great way to post to blog without actually […]

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Mommybloggers on love

12 February 2006 Uncategorized

I almost forgot!! I have a post up on MommyBloggers today! They asked a bunch of bloggers to write a short piece on love, and they’re posting one each hour from 8 am to 8 pm each day between today and Valentine’s Day. They posted my piece at 2 pm today. There are some wonderful […]

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The Internet is a really small place!

11 February 2006 Uncategorized

This is a story about how small the Internet really is. I, as you know, am a Canadian living in Ottawa. I have made friends with a blogger named James, who writes a blog called Coyote Mercury. I think he found my blog one day while searching for a book, and stumbled upon my 10-pages […]

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Wherein I just blather for a bit

10 February 2006 Uncategorized

It’s been a helluva week. I am so far behind in work, in housework, in domestic paperwork, that I can’t even string together a coherent post. I’ve been so busy that I wanted to thank you all for your recent comments – the questions are great, and I’ll get to them soon, but also thanks […]

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