December 2005

The plan to take down Mercer – Phase One

5 December 2005 Uncategorized

I’m taking a page from the other (and considerably less important) election going on in Canada right now. If I’m going to beat out Rick Mercer in the Canadian Blog Awards, it’s going to take a little leg work. Gotta get out, pound the pavement and turn over rocks to suss out votes. “Hello, Aunt […]

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Who ME?!?

5 December 2005 Uncategorized

Holy crap, holy crap, HOLY CRAP!!! You know how excited I was to make it as a finalist in the Canadian Blog Awards? Well, there’ll be no living with me for the rest of the week. Check THIS out! Not only did I make the cut for the Canadian Blog Awards, thanks to your diligent […]

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Crazy for Christmas!

4 December 2005 Uncategorized

We went a little Christmas crazy this weekend. Put up the tree, decorated the house, and brought the boys to visit Santa at the grocery store. (I know, I know – but heck, there was nobody in line, he was a perfect Santa, and it was a lovely, leisurely visit.) And my darling Beloved brought […]

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You like me! You really like me!!

2 December 2005 Uncategorized

Holy crap! I was being sincere last week when I said that my major fear in the Canadian Blog Awards was coming in last or near last. I had expected (perhaps arrogantly) to make a fairly decent showing in the middle of the pack, but harboured a secret desire to make it as a finalist. […]

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Welcome Sawyer!

1 December 2005 Uncategorized

Just a quick post to say a very special congratulations to my dearest friend “Snack Mommy” (if you’ve been in the comment box, you’ve seen her around). She and her family welcomed baby boy Sawyer on Monday, a little early but perfect in every way. Congratulations to all of you and much love from us!

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Tags, and the Holiday Blog Extravaganza

1 December 2005 Uncategorized

I’ve created an account on for the Winter Holiday of Your Choice Blog Extravaganza, so we can have a single place with links to everybody’s contributions. If you want to play, there are only a few instructions. Don’t worry, if you haven’t use before, it might look a little intimidating, but if I […]

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