Saying goodbye to a (t)rusty old friend

18 August 2019 Uncategorized

Almost 10 years ago to the day, after our Dodge Caravan went up in flames in my one and only serious car accident, we bought my ‘little blue car’, a 2009 Mazda 5. It was so long ago that one of our primary concerns was room in the cargo area for a stroller; Lucas was […]

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The one with the radioactive sea glass

12 August 2019 Creative licence

Longtime readers of the blog know that we’ve been obsessed with sea glass for many, many years. I was first introduced to the idea when we visited Bar Harbor, way back when we were a family of four. My bloggy friend Phantom Scribbler introduced me to collecting tiny pebble-sized bits of glass as we wandered […]

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Ottawa Family Fun: The summer 2019 Leonardo da Vinci exhibit at the Canada Science and Tech museum

9 August 2019 Ottawa Family Fun

Have you checked out the newly renovated and freshly amazing Canada Science and Technology Museum lately? We went last week on an adventure to celebrate my birthday, including a stop at the special Leonardo da Vinci exhibit and it. was. AWESOME! Ottawa’s Science and Tech museum has always been one of our favourite places to […]

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In which Lucas gets his Hogwarts acceptance letter

15 February 2019 Fun for kiddies

This has definitely been the year of all things Harry Potter in our lives. I’ve been reading the series to Lucas for more than a year (we’re about half way through the Half Blood Prince), and our trip to England last summer was pretty much based on cramming in as many Harry Potter references as […]

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Going to the dogs, photographically speaking

3 February 2019 Mothership Photography

What’s that old expression, about never working with children and dogs? Clearly, I never got that memo. I was looking back over the last year or so of my photography clients and realized that more and more families are asking if it’s okay to bring their dogs along for a family portrait session — and […]

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Photo fun: Make it snow!

16 January 2019 Mothership Photography

Over the Christmas break, I found myself with enough time on my hands to try a funky little photo tutorial I’d found online. (I mean, I could have done something productive like housework, but isn’t playtime what vacations are all about?) You might remember this photo from the amazingly fun impromptu family photography session we […]

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Photos of the day: Red hot chili peppers!

8 January 2019 Eating and thinking and thinking about eating

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you know that Chef Michael Smith is my food bae. I credit him for pretty much single-handedly empowering me to cook, something I’ve grown to love doing over the past few years. This year for Christmas, though, after watching the Netflix series together, Beloved gave me […]

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Our favourite shepherd’s pie recipe

7 January 2019 Eating and thinking and thinking about eating

I found a great Shepherd’s pie recipe a couple of years ago, and it became one of my Dad’s favourites – so much so that I stopped making it for about a year after he died, just because it reminded me a little too much of him. Last year, I tried out a couple of […]

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Photo of the day: 50 things about me!

6 January 2019 It IS all about me

A lot of amazing things will happen in 2019. In July, Beloved and I will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary, and then in August I turn (gasp!) fifty! I wanted to do another photo challenge to mark this amazing year, but another 365 photo-a-day project felt too ambitious. A 52-week photo challenge is perfect! And […]

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Photos of the day: Winter Fun at Watson’s Mill

3 January 2019 Mothership Photography

I don’t know why more families don’t seek winter family photo sessions. It’s certainly different from a family photo with the bright blues and greens of high summer, or the saturated colours of autumn, and granted, you need to be a little bit more diligent in playing along with the weather – there’s a fine […]

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