yay day

Yay day!

12 June 2007 Ah, me boys

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve celebrated a yay day around here. The sun is shining and it’s two weeks until our Bar Harbor vacation, which are two things worth celebrating all on their own right, but I have more! My bliss right now comes from the fact that I’ve been able to spend […]

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We definitely need a Yay Day!

24 May 2007 yay day

Whaddya think, peeps? We’re long overdue for a Yay Day around here. If you haven’t been by on Yay Day before, the rules are simple. Leave a comment with something that makes you happy today, or something that makes you proud, or something that makes you smile. Celebrate the small victories in life – and […]

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Yay day – again!

3 May 2007 yay day

I’m feeling joyous today. Simply happy. I’m having trouble suppressing a smile. The sun is shining, the first of our family summer vacations is next week, I’m going for a pedicure with my mom tomorrow night. Life is good. You seemed to really enjoy the last time we shared our happy thoughts, so let’s do […]

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Yay day

19 April 2007 yay day

Back in the day, before I had all things bloggy (and Facebook-y) to satisfy my online urges, I spent a lot of time on bulletin boards – in particular, on IVF Connections. One feature I always liked was the brag thread, where people would talk about how baby rolled over for the first time, or […]

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