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Calling all grammar geeks!

5 March 2008 My inner geek

Growing up with a surname that ended in the letter “s”, it was drilled into me from an early age that one does not add the superfluous “s” after the apostrophe to indicate possession in this situation. Now, it seems common usage prefers the additional “s” after the apostrophe: i.e. Lucas’s breakfast. Discuss: the correct […]

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The sky is falling!

20 February 2008 Memes

No, not really, but there are two really cool reasons to look up into the night sky tonight. Way back in the day, blog used to cater more to my inner geek. I wrote about why we should explore space, and ranted about the evolution versus creationism debate. I don’t remember when I last wrote […]

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An open letter to John Tory

7 September 2007 My inner geek

Dear Mr Tory, This is my happy little blog, which tends to be very non-political. Unless you get me riled up about daycare. Or reproductive rights. But mostly, I’m pretty happy to hang out here and tell my stories. I’d say probably half the people who read this blog don’t live in Ontario, so they […]

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Thirty years of Star Wars

30 May 2007 Life, the Universe and Everything

I’ve been meaning to blog for a few days about the 30th anniversary of the release of Star Wars. Thirty years. Thirty!! Star Wars is, hands down, the single most influential movie in my life. It also happens to remain my all-time favourite movie. My childhood memories are tightly woven into a backdrop of Star […]

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You can’t get there from here

6 March 2007 Canadianisms

Link surfing is a wonderful thing. I can’t even remember where I was, but I caught sight of something about a lunar eclipse on March 3. Turns out it wasn’t visible from here, only in a wide swath on the other side of the planet through Europe and Africa. Disappointing. I love stuff like eclipses […]

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Northern lights alert

15 December 2006 Life, the Universe and Everything

The skies over Ottawa may or may not be clear over the next couple of nights, but at least it will be mild. That will make it a lot more comfortable for me as I stand out on the back deck, scanning the skies for the northern lights. According to this article from, a […]

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Stardust @ home

11 January 2006 My inner geek

This is the most nerdy kind of cool. I love stuff like this. From the Ottawa Citizen: Computer users are being invited to join the hunt for minute grains of stardust a NASA spacecraft should return to Earth this weekend. The Stardust spacecraft should land in Utah early Saturday, carrying in its hold a sprinkling […]

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Just doin’ my part

10 August 2005 My inner geek

You may have noticed I have a bit of an issue with creationism and intelligent design (ID). Not with ID in particular, but with the idea that ID is being taught as science in schools, and to the exclusion of teaching evolution. My favourite scientist, the Bad Astronomer, has passed on word of a Google […]

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Why we should explore space

13 July 2005 My inner geek

This is for Nancy, because she asked. I, too, watched the space shuttle explosion in 1986, and the more recent Columbia disaster in 2003 (or was it 2002?) and I remember crying my heart out watching the coverage. But I still believe that the space program needs more, not less, funding. For a really great […]

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A little something for everyone

13 July 2005 My inner geek

Every morning, I read the newspaper on the bus ride into town, making mental notes of stuff that might be interesting to blog about. This morning, there is so much going on that I have no idea where to start! First and coolest, NASA will be launching the space shuttle Discovery at a little after […]

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