Happy holidays

Reindeer Rant Redux – and a reindeer rampage!

15 December 2014 Happy holidays

My bloggy peeps, I have a reindeer-palooza of fun for you today! You might have read the reindeer rant a time or two (or coughninecough) before, but now we have reindeer trivia! And photoshop! And webcams! And even reindeer on a rampage! Oh my. But first, the rant. Because especially at Christmas, traditions matter. Also? […]

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Crowdsourcing: Where are the best Christmas light dislays in Ottawa?

1 December 2014 Happy holidays

It’s finally December. I love December! The days may be short, but the nights are bright with Christmas lights. Oh how I love the Christmas lights! We’ve had the lights up on our porch for a couple of weeks now, and our neighbourhood is slowly starting to show off its Christmas colours. I’d love to […]

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Band Aid 30

17 November 2014 Happy holidays

The original Band Aid song Do They Know It’s Christmas came out in December 1984. I was fifteen years old, and I adored that song and video. I bought it as a 45 rpm single (kids, go ask your parents what that is) and years later I bought it as digital file. It’s on every […]

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Ho-Ho-Hooray for Santa! The 2014 Ottawa and Eastern Ontario parade list is back!

2 November 2014 Happy holidays

Edited to add: Click this link for the 2018 Santa Claus and holiday parade info! Welcome to one of my favourite holiday traditions: the annual round-up of Christmas, Holiday and Santa Claus parades for Ottawa and Eastern Ontario! Can you believe I’ve been doing this for NINE YEARS? I feel a little bit like Costco […]

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Happy @ Christmas

23 December 2013 Happy holidays

I have been thinking about doing some sort of gratitude journal, maybe in a tumblr or something. I just have so much in my life for which I’m thankful, and it’s nice to pay a little lip service to God or the Universe or your deity of choice, I think, to remind yourself of just […]

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Postcards Exclusive: Conversation with NORAD’s Santa Tracker

20 December 2013 Happy holidays

This? Is so cool! Rarely am I *this* excited to publish a post! ff you’ve been around for a while, you might remember I spent some time working with the Canadian Army. When I was there, I was lucky enough to work with Captain Jennifer Stadnyk, and long after I left we stayed in touch […]

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Flashback Fave: A Christmas Story

16 December 2013 Flashback faves

Another seasonal favourite post to re-share this holiday season! I think this is also Lucas’s favourite blog post that I have ever written. He often asks me to show him “the story with Willie and the red ball.” There I was, minding my own business, playing with the Charlie Brown Christmas tree and taking pictures […]

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Flashback fave: The Reindeer Rant

13 December 2013 Flashback faves

My old friend Nick, who has endured this rant more times than I can count, was asking for this on Facebook last week, so you can blame him for the recycling yet again of this hoary old favourite seasonal post of mine. Did you think might get through one Christmas season without the annual Donder […]

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WestJet does Christmas right

9 December 2013 Canadianisms

I kept seeing this pop up in my social media feeds today. It finally popped up often enough (it takes a LOT of recommendations to get me to watch a video!) that I clicked on the link, and I am so glad I did. Do you have five minutes to invest in the most heartwarming […]

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Hunting a Christmas Tree in Twelve Photos

8 December 2013 Happy @ home

We went back to Thomas Tree Farm in North Gower (rapidly becoming our favourite!) to get our Christmas tree this weekend. It was a little bit on the crazy busy side, but we still had a great morning out. I love that the boys are big enough to start taking on some responsibility for the […]

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