December 2012

Thoughts on Christmas shopping

11 December 2012 Happy holidays

So I think I’m finished most of my Christmas shopping. (Although, perhaps unwisely, I will probably continue to buy things for the next week or so at least. Stop me before I shop again!) What’s interesting to me is not so much that I’m pretty much done two weeks before Christmas (remember, I’m an inveterate […]

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Speaking of adventures in publishing…

7 December 2012 My 15 minutes

Before I became obsessive about photography, I was in love with words. I’ve always loved to tell a tale, and to find the perfect words to do it justice. Once upon a time, I thought I might even write a book some day. Well, I didn’t exactly write a book, but in the same week […]

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Great idea for teacher gifts – goat and chickens and sheep, oh my!

7 December 2012 Mothering without a licence

Instead of teacher gifts at Christmas, each year we have been buying a donation of a backpack of school supplies in each of the boys’ teachers’ names, and enclosing information about the donation in a hand-made card. The teachers seem to genuinely appreciate the notion, and it does support the principles of Catholic education. Faced […]

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A very good year with Fisher-Price

7 December 2012 Reviews, promotions and giveaways

Phew, it sure was an exciting year to be blogging with Fisher-Price! Aside from the amazing cruise and the equally amazing trip to Mexico, we got to play with some truly terrific new toys this year! There’s no doubt that our absolute favourite toy of the year was the Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle. It wins […]

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En français

6 December 2012 It IS all about me

It was only when I got an odd look from the man walking past me that I realized I’d been concentrating so hard on practicing an internal dialogue for my upcoming French exam that I had actually been speaking aloud. There I was, walking down George Street in the Byward Market in the pre-dawn gloaming, […]

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Look, I’m a book publisher too!

3 December 2012 Photography

Squee! I am so excited! I just ordered this from 2012 Family Album by Danielle Donders | Make Your Own Book Why why WHY have I not done this before now? I love this so much, and I think I will start offering them as part of my portrait sessions too! If you had […]

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Santa? There’s an app for that

3 December 2012 Happy holidays

(Ha, I started writing this post and then remembered I’d written something similar. I dug around in the archives and found the one I was looking for, from 2009. I’m sure I haven’t looked at it since I published it three years ago, but I had taken exactly the same approach and even used some […]

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Christmas Tree Quest, 2012 edition

2 December 2012 Happy holidays

We are firmly in the ‘cut down yer own’ Christmas tree camp now. I can’t believe we resisted for as long as we did! The problem this year was that December 1 seemed a wee bit early to get one, but December 8 seemed way too late. In the end, we carpe-d the diem and […]

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