March 2011

The lady on the corner

18 March 2011 Life, the Universe and Everything

When I pulled up in front of my parents’ house with a carload of kids, she was standing more or less in the middle of the intersection, shifting back and forth in the middle of the road as I pulled the car to the curb and parked the car. She was dressed in a dark […]

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On photography pricing and group deals

16 March 2011 Photography

We had a really interesting discussion on Twitter this morning about professional portrait photography rates, and I thought it was one of those conversations that would be interesting to port over here to the blog. You know those daily coupon deals, like Groupon and Living Social and Kahoot and the rest of them? I think […]

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Project 365: The arrival of a long-anticipated new toy

14 March 2011 Photo of the Day

I‘m still catching up on my 365 pictures. I’ve been taking them every day, it’s just hard to find time to write the weekly wrap posts! This week’s photos include a trip, a party, and a most excellent new toy. I told you about the trip already, but here’s a recap of the pictures that […]

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Our weekend in Toronto with Fisher-Price

11 March 2011 Reviews, promotions and giveaways

Phew, is it just me or has someone hit the fast-forward button on life this week? Yowza! So much to tell you about, and no time to write a coherent blog post! As I mentioned last week, I’ve been selected to be one of a handful of official bloggers for Fisher-Price Canada. Last weekend, Lucas […]

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Project 365 – almost a week behind!

9 March 2011 Photo of the Day

With all the craziness of last weekend, I completely forgot to put up my weekly 365 pictures! It doesn’t always matter, but the delay makes some of these seem positively ancient to me. Speaking of positively ancient, it was my Mom’s birthday at the end of February… sorry, Mom, I couldn’t resist!! 😉 This is […]

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Ottawa Public Library hosting a video contest: teens can win an iPad!

8 March 2011 Life in Ottawa

Thanks to my friends at CBC Ottawa, who tipped me off to this great new contest for teens from the Ottawa Public Library. I may have mentioned a few (dozen) times how much I love the Ottawa library. And from their kickin’ new iPhone app to this fun contest to draw attention to Teen Tech […]

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A love letter to Tristan, Age 9

7 March 2011 Tristan

My dear, sweet Tristan, Today you are nine years old – the last year of single digits! You, my eldest son, have had quite the year. I feel like I’ve gotten to know you much better as a person this year. I have seen bits of you that foreshadow the teenager you will soon be, […]

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And you thought I was kidding when I said we were old skool Fisher Price fans!

3 March 2011 Reviews, promotions and giveaways

Check out this picture that Beloved pulled out of his archive. I’m guessing this is Christmas 1974. I told you we’ve always loved Fisher-Price!

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Exciting new bloggy news

2 March 2011 Reviews, promotions and giveaways

As you know, I am very selective about advertising, product reviews and giveaways. Any service or brand that gets featured here comes with my personal endorsement, which I won’t give lightly. Not too long ago, I had a great offer for a year-long blogging affiliation that would have come with an all-expenses-paid trip to BlogHer […]

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Liveblogging the move to a big-boy bed

1 March 2011 Lucas

So I had this idea that I would live-blog Lucas’s move to a big-boy bed. I mean, this is the last time I get to do this, right? After nine years of faithful and nearly constant service (save for a quick break from 2006 through 2008) this crib has logged near-constant use. I even sat […]

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