November 2010

Taming table manners

9 November 2010 Mothering without a licence

This blog post was inspired by a conversation on Twitter. Canadian Family asked its followers “On a scale of 1-10 (10=very), how important is it to you that your kids have good table manners?” I replied that while I rate the importance of table manners at a 10+, I rate my actual accomplishment at instilling […]

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Kids movies for the holidays

7 November 2010 Fun for kiddies

Last week in the mail, I got an unsolicited and unexpected DVD screener of the movie Ramona and Beezus. There was no cover letter, just the DVD in an envelope. I wasn’t even sure if it was the trailer or the full movie until we popped it in the DVD player and started it up. […]

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This isn’t a post about water conservation

5 November 2010 The ongoing saga of the house

Today’s post was supposed to be the next in my fledgling series on accidental environmentalism, and how moving to a well and septic system and a larger plot of land has helped one family become more aware of its environmental footprint. That was the plan, anyway, until today turned into a panic of messages and […]

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Christmas Parades of Eastern Ontario – the 2010 Edition!

1 November 2010 Fun for kiddies

Edited to add: Click this link for the 2018 Santa Claus and holiday parade info! Last leaves drifting from the trees? Check. Halloween safely behind us, tucked into bed with a sore belly from too much candy? Check. Weather turned cold, grey and damp — and snowy?!? Check. Yay, it must be time for my […]

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