March 2009

Project 365 update: In which she capitulates to post-processing

18 March 2009 Photo of the Day

Once upon a time (okay, last week) I was skeptical of photos that had been manipulated in Photoshop or other post-processing software applications. I was a bit of a purist and, let’s call it, a snob. If I really liked a photo, I’d like it a little bit less if I noticed it had been […]

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Worthy words and banished words

17 March 2009 My inner geek

Okay, so retro is cool, right? And retro is basically recycling old stuff and making it new again, often by those who missed it the first time around, right? Grand, so I’m totally retro in finally remembering on St Patty’s Day that I forgot to put up my annual posts in January about the word […]

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Five ideas for March Break fun

16 March 2009 Fun for kiddies

We’re booked solid for March Break this year with my brother and his family in town, but these are some of our favourite ways to fill time when everyone is home from school. 1. Digital camera scavenger hunt You don’t need to use a camera for this – the low-tech version is just as fun […]

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The end of an era; or, my breasts are not so evil after all

13 March 2009 Baby days

It’s been a good long time since I wrote about my breasts, hasn’t it? Vexatious things have been behaving themselves lately, but surely we’re overdue to complain about them. Ironically, I just glanced at the “one year ago today” widget down there in the sidebar, and one year ago today I was just finding out […]

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12 March 2009 Editorial asides

So you know I hate change. Really, I do. It took me four years to finally change my gravatar photo, for goodness sake, and it pained me to do so. Even when I know I’m going to like the new thing better, I’m still reluctant to let go of the old thing. (I was going […]

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Project 365: meta-pictures!

11 March 2009 My 15 minutes

As promised, here’s the picture that accompanied the article in yesterday’s G&M. Conveniently, also Day 50 of my Project 365! I had a much better week with the project this week. Some really fun shots and some neat opportunities. For Tristan’s birthday, we brought the kids bowling and I used the black-lighting to play with […]

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Hey, who’s that good-looking family on the cover of the Life section in today’s G&M?

10 March 2009 It IS all about me

Oh look, it’s us! A couple of weeks ago, a writer from the Globe and Mail got in touch with me to ask about “Gaming Moms”. We chatted for a bit, and told her that while I’m not exactly a gaming mom, I have grown quite fond of our Wii after some initial reservations about […]

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Sugar, sugar (maple, maple!)

9 March 2009 Life in Ottawa

Hey Ottawa peeps – got a question for you! Now that the snow is melting and the sun is bright, the sap is running and it’s maple syrup season again. Hooray for spring!! My brother and his family are coming up to visit for the March Break, and I thought it would be fun to […]

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A love letter to Tristan, age 7

7 March 2009 Tristan

My darling Tristan, Today, you turn seven years old. Uncle Sean calls this your “champagne birthday”: seven years old on March 7. By coincidence, you’ve invited seven guests to your party, and the weather is even forecasting a high of 7 degrees! Remind me to go buy a Super 7 ticket for you, okay? Tristan, […]

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Project 365: Week 6 – where the going gets tough!

6 March 2009 Photo of the Day

It’s official, I’m obsessed with my photo-a-day Project 365 now. In addition to carrying a camera with me everywhere, and I mean *everywhere* (you get weird looks coming out of a public washroom with a camera around your neck, that’s all I’m sayin’) and looking at everything in the world around me as if I […]

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