April 2008

Rain and reptiles on a Saturday afternoon

14 April 2008 Baby days

I vividly remember the first time I took then two-week old Tristan out of the house by myself. It was the day my mother left after a week’s visit, and I was weepy with her departure and Beloved’s return to work and unsure how I’d manage to take care of the baby all by myself. […]

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Sling vs baby carrier

11 April 2008 Baby days

In your comments on the post about how Lucas doesn’t like to be put down, a few of you mentioned how slings saved your life. I have a second-hand Baby Bjorn carrier that I used on and off for Simon, but Lucas doesn’t seem to like it. Mind you, we’ve only tried it two or […]

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The day the comments came back

10 April 2008 Editorial asides

Remember back when I made the switch from my blogger.com domain to my own domain, and I was heartbroken that I couldn’t find a way to import all the old haloscan comments? Thanks to a 90 minute nap in my lap on the part of Lucas and the easy-peasey instructions and scripts from this guy […]

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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

9 April 2008 Lucas

Lucas at two months: 11 lbs 10 oz, almost 25 inches long. (Still gaining! Yay!!) Sleeps like a dream during the night, and insists on being cuddled during the day. Gazes at mommy with a look of adoration that would melt steel. Smiles at everything except mommy’s camera. Saves his best smiles for his big […]

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Riddle me this

8 April 2008 Baby days

Why is it that this gorgeous baby of mine will sleep (touch wood) like a dream in his cradle at night, but will not under any circumstances sleep anywhere except in my arms during the day? And why does he so resent my attention to the one pokey finger with which I’m trying to blog […]

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I swear that’s not what his birth certificate says

4 April 2008 Ah, me boys

I’m feeding Lucas and Tristan is in the kitchen colouring, out of sight but not earshot around the corner. Simon is engaged in some sort of imaginary play that involves a lot of talking. I can hear him stumbling over an idea. Simon: Mommy! Me: Yes, Simon? Simon: What’s my second name? Me: Francis. Simon: […]

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Lucas’s first visit to the children’s hospital

2 April 2008 Lucas

Lucas and Tristan have had a lot in common. They’re both long and lean, both good sleepers, both had early trouble gaining weight. This, however, is one where I wish he would take after Simon. I spent a lot of time in Tristan’s first year getting tests done at the children’s hospital for various concerns: […]

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