August 2005

Ten years ago today – Paris

21 August 2005 Uncategorized

As I retype these entries, I feel painfully older. The person who wrote these words was so much younger than me, so much more earnest, so much more sure of herself and her place in the world. And so in need of an editor! 8:20 pm, 20 August 1995 Pont Neuf, Paris I’m sitting on […]

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Two stories

19 August 2005 Uncategorized

Yes, I’ve already posted today. Then I read a story on another blog, and I had to write this, too. A while ago, I was reading Tertia’s blog and saw that she asked her legions of readers (around 2,000 a day) to help raise money for her nanny, Rose. Rose is a black woman living […]

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The one where I brag shamelessly about my kids

19 August 2005 Uncategorized

Sorry for the service interruption this week. First I had a virus, then I gave it to my computer. Actually, neither of us had a virus, we were both just a little cantankerous and out of commission for a while. But we’re back! So, how’ve you been? As the first official Potty Week draws to […]

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Please stand by

18 August 2005 Uncategorized

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties. Do not adjust your monitor. Regularly scheduled blog service will resume as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

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Ten years ago today – Nice to Paris

18 August 2005 Uncategorized

In the 2005 world, we’re experiencing technical difficulties. With less than a week of travel left in 1995, I was facing difficulties of another kind. 9:50 am, 18 August 1995Gare du Nice Here we are, just pulling out of the station on the much anticipated trip from Nice to Paris. I’ve been looking SO forward […]

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Ten years ago today – Nice

17 August 2005 Uncategorized

What I remember most about Nice? Rain. Very cool olive trees, and rain. 8:23 pm, 17 August 1995Nice, France Wow, is it really the 17th of August already? The summer is almost over! Made a slight error in judgement this morning. When I checked into this hotel, I told her I’d only be staying the […]

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Ten years ago today – Antibes and Nice

16 August 2005 Uncategorized

These were probably the best few days of my entire trip. The romantic in me wishes that by some fluke of chance, my travel buddies from Scotland and Seattle somehow come across this post and recognize themselves and remember me. I’d love to hear from them. Wouldn’t that be cool? 7:30 pm, 16 August 1995 […]

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What Canadians Think

16 August 2005 Uncategorized

I think maybe it’s time we take a break from the potty talk. Don’t worry, we’ll get back to that soon. Instead, I want to tell you about this fabulous book I got for my birthday from Beloved and the boys called What Canadians Think … About Almost Everything. It’s a book of collected public […]

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Potty week

15 August 2005 Uncategorized

Despite the other, more pressing business the Internet may be in the process of conducting this week, I officially declare this week (cuts ribbon) Potty Week, where I regale you with the excruciating minutia of the eliminatory habits of my three year old, and you shower us with praise, support and clever suggestions. Some day, […]

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Ten years ago today – Antibes and Cannes

14 August 2005 Uncategorized

7:15 pm, 14 August 1995Antibes Youth Hostel, France Je suis ici! Je suis en France, à la côte d’azur. Et la côte, c’est trés belle ici! I spent the day wandering today. First I checked out Antibes, beginning my day with a 1/2 hour walk along the coast into town. It was the most beautiful […]

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