Tarot reading: The future of her business in these strange times

I thought I’d share a few readings I’ve done recently to show an example of my style. Ashley (not her real name) asked, “I am curious about how my business will fair during social distancing.”

For this question, I did a general three card spread, where no card has a specific question or meaning but all cards are interpreted together. I pulled the Hierophant, the Queen of Wands and the Fool.

In this reading, I see Ashley as the Queen of Wands, balancing the competing energies of the Hierophant and the Fool like an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. The Hierophant calls for structure and routine, and the Fool is oblivious to conventions or expectations, so he just follows whatever impulse occurs to him regardless of consequences. They are truly opposites in energy and approach. It’s up to Ashley to balance those competing impulses in order to successfully navigate these strange times.

The Hierophant says that during this time of international panic and crisis, Ashley is making the most of her gifts. He is raising his hand as if to give blessing or benediction to her path. The Hierophant says don’t break from your usual routines or rituals or at least rely heavily on those you can maintain

As I said, I feel like the Queen of Wands is the querrant, Ashley, a charismatic go-getter who sees what she wants and charges ahead to make it happen. The Queen shines her light bright – I feel like people will be naturally drawn to Ashley for guidance

The Fool is a wildcard. He doesn’t behave in conventional ways, and is somewhat outside of society. Ashley will need to work with his creative energy to find new ways of progressing as we all pass into this uncharted new territory.

Two major arcana in a three card spread means that Ashley is facing a time of significant change in her business. She has important decisions to make that will have a meaningful impact on the directions her business will take. She needs to think about the effects of her decisions on the community, and be open to new ways of running her business. The Hierophant says favour the status quo, and the Fool says expect the unexpected – with Ashley/The Queen caught in between these opposing forces. Notice how the Queen is looking at the Fool, but her shadow self, the black cat, is looking toward the Hierophant. Ashley is likely conflicted about the path ahead; should she trust what her intuition is telling her (favour the status quo) or her logical brain (which favours the unconventionality of the Fool)? Her success will come when she finds a way to harness both of these opposing forces. I think the outlook for Ashley’s business is very good, but she may be in for a bumpy ride to get there.

Ashley was very happy with this reading. She said she absolutely identified as being the Queen of Wands, and could feel the two paths pulling her in opposite directions. She said, “Overall, I rate your reading 5 stars. The reading gave me a lot of insight into my situation, was extremely helpful to me and provided a lot of value! I would absolutely recommend you as a Tarot Reader to others!”

I’d be curious how any other readers might interpret these cards. Do you see additional insights for Ashley? Anything you might have read differently?

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