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I am currently offering tarot insight and coaching via email. All readings will include a photo of the tarot card spread and a written interpretation delivered within a few days. Please ensure you read my policies and ethics page before making a purchase.

I use tarot cards for personal insight and mindfulness, not for prediction or fortune-telling. Sorry, I can’t tell you that you will meet your soulmate at a taco stand on Main Street on a Tuesday in November. But, I can help you look at how your thought and behaviour patterns might be affecting your love life, and maybe amplify the messages your inner self has been sending you, to help ensure you are ready to recognize and receive the signal from your soulmate when you do encounter them.

Need a perspective check? Want to bounce an idea off the Universe? Need someone to check your blind spots? I’ve come up with a few categories of reading to help frame the reading that will give you the best possible insight. These are just suggestions, though. If what you are seeking isn’t here, please contact me and I’d be happy to discuss options with you.

Tarot readings can help give you perspective and insight into:

  • Career goals and business development.
  • Decision-making, problem solving and conflict resolution: untangle your knots.
  • Relationships, romance, and family dynamics.
  • Self-improvement and self love: reasons to love your imperfect self.
  • Identity and motivations: why do you do the things you do?
  • Blindspots and perspective checks: turn up the volume on your inner voice and listen to the messages that the Universe is hollering at you.

Sometimes you don’t have a burning issue or concern and you’re just curious. I can do a general reading for you in that case. Who knows what might come up?

To request a reading:

Requesting a reading is a two-step process. You must complete the form linked below AND complete the transaction by adding an item to your shopping cart and successfully checking out. If you prefer, you can also pay by Interac transfer. Contact me for details. To place an order online:

  1. Click here to complete this reading request form AND
  2. Select the reading of your choice below and click “Buy Now”. A new window will open with payment options.

Option 1: Skimming the surface

Option 2: The deep dive

Please note all readings are focused on you. I can’t give you insights into someone else’s thoughts, motivations, or intentions. This is all about you. I am not comfortable doing readings around issues of health or legal issues, and I am not a trained counsellor or therapist. Please see a licensed practitioner for advice into these matters.