Love Letters / Reviews

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I love hearing back from people after I’ve given them their readings! Here’s some of the kind words I’ve received in response to their tarot readings:

Hi Dani, Thank you so much! I’ve never had a Tarot reading before, and this was much, much more helpful and on point than I expected. You’re reading definitely answered the question I asked. You completely gave me the information and insight needed to take action and move forward. I like that the reading wasn’t prescriptive. The reading helped frame the issue with a view to challenge and ease in a helpful way, and I was able to approach the issue from a new perspective.

~ M.M., seeking advice on a new job opportunity

I was so surprised that the answer was extremely fast and I also loved the accuracy of the reading and the kindness of Dani.

~ A.G., seeking insight on a situation with a friendship

You gave me the information and insight needed to take action and move forward. Great in sight. The reading made sense and aligned with much of what is happening for me right now. I find online (not in person) readings to be confusing and not great for me sometimes but this reading made sense for my current situation.

~ A.W., seeking reassurance about their business during social distancing

Thank you for such a positive reading! It really reaffirmed that I am on the right track! When going through life, tarot can give people a sense of knowing. And it’s up the reader to really use their intuition as to how that is going to apply to their life. Dani is brilliant! The reading gave me a lot of insight into my situation, was extremely helpful to me and provided a lot of value!

~ O., seeking guidance on big changes in her life

Thank you for such a thorough reading, I really enjoyed giving your interpretations a lot of thought. I completely agree with your comment about my blind spot. Even just reading this, and pondering what it means, was enough for me to become aware – and for that I’m really grateful, so thank you. I’m sure so many opportunities are missed and incredible experiences underappreciated, due to our blind spots. The level of detail, and genuine effort that has been taken in interpreting the cards. It feels so personal and sincere.

~ J., seeking insight about a romantic relationship

I like the optimistic and encouraging tone of the reading. There was more than enough information for me to understand the perspective.

~ T., seeking guidance on weathering the pandemic with their business

Dani, I don’t know what to say. You went over and above – it was so accurate and made me emotional.

~ L., seeking advice about coming out at work

Thank you Dani This reading really resonates with me. The depth is amazing ! I was not expecting a full explanation- I was only expecting a brief note. I like that you gave me actual things to do instead of just ideas.

~ E., seeking guidance on how to attract career success

 Dani did great with sharing the spread, summarizing, giving details and making the reading actionable. I really appreciated Dani clarifying the question prior to delivering the reading. She took time to understand my situation completely. The reading was exactly what I needed. You gave me the information and insight needed to take action and move forward.

~ M.S., seeking advice on her business start-up and direction

The spread was way more broad than I expected and answered more than I had asked! Always love it when readers help me out because sometimes it’s hard to form a question. The explanations of each card were very well written and pretty easy to understand. It’s quite clear what I need to focus on. Always love it when the reader takes it to their hands to ask the questions, more than I provided.

~ E.S., seeking guidance on reducing negative thoughts

Dani was SPOT on. She nailed my reading, and gave me the information and insight needed to take action and move forward. She pulled 3 cards and 1 jumped came out. The amount of information she gave me from 4 cards was amazing!!!

~ W.M., seeking clarity in a situation with some interpersonal conflict

For several months, I provided readings through a large commercial tarot card reading site. During that time, I completed more than 30 readings for seekers from all over the world, and my average rating was 4.7 out of five stars.