Love letters

Here are some of the compliments and kind words I’ve received about my photography. You can read more reviews on Google.

“You succeeded in capturing this precious moment in our lives allowing us to share it with our loved ones. We are so thankful. We could not have chosen a better photographer. Your work is exceptional and you are a fantastic person. Thank you so very much Dani for contributing so much to our special day!!!”
~ G., September 2018

“Dani is energetic and flexible. She understands how to shoot with and around multiple children and our kids adored her. The photos she delivered have captured the essence of our family life and will be cherished forever.”
~ S., December 2017

“Dani took amazing photos and was so fun to work with! She was very easy going and flexible going with the flow when our kids got too into it and decided to set up their own shots. She captured the unique personalities of all 5 of us plus our goofy dog!”
~ L., October 2017

“Dani did a great job photographing my family: her pictures were sharp and creative, her manner was professional, and her turnaround was fast. She was particularly good at managing our three children and getting the best out of them. As well, she was funny and overall it was a pleasure to work with her.”
~ A., October 2017

“Thank you so much, they’re all so beautiful!”
~ K., September 2017

“You were wonderful with the kids and with us. We are so happy with the pictures that you took we made a family wall right in the main hallway entrance of our house.”
~ G., October 2016

“THE PHOTOS ARE FANTASTIC! They’re so exciting that I even left the Caps Lock on!”
~ B., August 2016

“They are fantastic – I couldn’t chose. [You are] REALLY good. The photos are alive and EVERYONE looks fabulous – there are some […] instant classics.”
~ S., August 2016

“Dani! These are wonderful! Thank you so much! We had so much fun and you were so great to work with. You put us at ease right away and we love your creativity!”
~ J., October 2015

“These are fantastic – thank you SO much! I’m so pleased with not only the photos, but also with your whole process – the initial coordination, the shoot itself, and the final prints selection. ”
~ C., November 2014

“I love these photos so much that it makes my heart flutter a bit when the web page loads.”
~ S., October 2014

“OMG these are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! Damn, you did an awesome job :)”
~ K., September 2014

“Thanks Dani for these wonderful moments captured in pictures. Each one of them tells a story. It was wonderful to meet you and to work with you. This is a lifetime memory, thanks again.”
~ M., September 2014

“This photo shoot was one of the most enjoyable shoots we have ever had Dani. Your huge patience, great sense of humour and unlimited enthusiasm was so infectious and made it easy for us to enjoy all the various poses and places we did. […] it will be so hard to choose as they are all so precious. They are wonderful reminders of all the fun we had together that week as well as that day you joined us.”
~ M. and T., August 2013

Dani, thanks, love love love the photos and the moments you captured!
~ L., July 2013

“OMG these are fantastic! […] WOW! I am thrilled with the results.”
~ C., July 2012

“Love them all! I’ll never be able to choose.”
~ C., June 2012

“They’re all so great–how to choose?! […] I love how great the kids look! You really put us at ease and made the shoot fun for us. Thanks so much!”
~ V., May 2012

“We really had a great time with you, and we just love the photos. Thanks again!”
~ S., October 2011

“She takes beautiful pictures, and her writing is lovely. What a find!”
~ A., September 2011

“Thank you so much!!! We loved working with you and looking forward to working with you again soon!”
~ J., September 2011

“LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! [We] just looked at the pictures together […] They are absolutely gorgeous. You did such a great job! I can’t believe how well the family shots turned out…thanks for making us all so comfortable!!”
~ J., July 2011

“Words cannot describe how much we love the pictures. They are amazing! […] Thank you so, so much. Seriously, we were all blown away by how great a job you did (far exceeding my admittedly high expectations).”
~E., July 2011

OMG Dani – your photography work is beautifull. […] Your work is not just immediately relevant & compelling, its also art and timeless – not to mention technically awesome!
~L., February 2011

Unique family porch portrait by Danielle Donders