Book review: The Dangerous Book for Boys

9 May 2007 Books

It’s my great pleasure today to participate in the MotherTalk blog book tour for The Dangerous Book for Boys. (Disclosure: this means I get a review copy of the book and a $20 honourarium for playing along.) Do you have any idea how to use your watch as a compass? Do you know the difference […]

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Book review: The Sneaky Chef

1 May 2007 Books

I recently received a review copy of Missy Chase Lapine’s The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids Favorite Meals. When the publicist first offered it to me, I’ll admit to being a little bit skeptical. The blurb in the introductory e-mail said, “Learn how to make the meals your children already […]

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Confessions, candy swaps, connections – and books

20 April 2007 Books

This is going to be another of those posts where I dump the contents of my brain (and my in-box) into your lap and let you sort through it like bargain hunters at a flea market to find the shiny bits in amongst all the drivel. First and coincidentally, I think it was the last […]

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10-pages-in book review: The Calligrapher

3 April 2007 10-pages-in

I haven’t been writing a lot of 10-pages-in book reviews lately simply because I haven’t been reading any books worth talking about. In fact, it’s been about a month now that in my prime book-reading time (on the bus going home) I’ve been reading magazines. Or just staring out the window. It’s been a horrible […]

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100 books meme redux

29 March 2007 Books

Saw Bub and Pie give the ubiquitous 100 books meme a great twist, and thought I’d try the same thing. I clicked back through more than 15 blogs trying to figure out what the original list of 100 books was supposed to represent, but couldn’t find it. (You can see the original meme here.) The […]

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Children of Men book club

5 March 2007 Books

A couple of weeks ago, I posted my 10-pages-in book review of PD James’ Children of Men. At the time, I mentioned I’d read the book to be a part of today’s Barren Bitches Book Club tour. The idea is that each person who participates in the book club submits a question to the group, […]

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The newest Harry Potter book arrives July 21!

1 February 2007 Books

I’m so excited by this news for a number of reasons: because I am an avowed JK Rowling fan, because I love the idea of bloggers receiving press releases along with the MSM, and because I’m lucky enough to be on a publisher’s mailing list. How could I not share this information with you? Sadly, […]

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Ten-pages-in book review: Children of Men

31 January 2007 10-pages-in

This was supposed to be a 10-pages-in book review of PD James’ Children of Men. But the book was really good and I accidentally read the whole thing on the train going to and from my conference in Kingston last week before I could write the review. Oops, sorry about that. I was surprised at […]

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Recommendations from the kid lit shelves

17 January 2007 Ah, me boys

I’ve often thought about reviewing a couple of kids’ books here. Trouble is, by the time you get 10-pages-in, you’re mostly done. Maybe I should switch to a 20-words-in format for kids’ lit? We struck gold on our last trip to the library and through random luck ended up with quite a few books that […]

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10-pages-in book review: Blackbird House

3 January 2007 10-pages-in

I’m about half way through Alice Hoffman’s 2004 book Blackbird House. I stumbled across it the other day on the remaindered table at Chapters. Including the tax and my membership discount, I paid a stellar $2.83 – for the hardcover! Although the price was the first thing that caught my attention (how can I resist […]

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