January 2016

I‘ve been thinking a lot about identity lately and this idea came to me when I was literally cleaning the mirror. “What if you could erase your reflection?”

The actual erasing was pretty easy to achieve, and the texture made it a little easier to express it as a more abstract concept rather than something to be taken literally. Sharing it is still more than a little scary, though, partly because it’s me (ugh, hate self-portraits) and partly because it’s a little more conceptual than where I usually go.

Out damn spot

What does it say to you? Do you see the story I’m telling? What do you think?


The boys still love to come out for walks to feed the chickadees. (They might tell you that it’s more “tolerate” than “love” but it’s my story and I’ll edit it to suit my narrative.) Now that they’re older, though, the novelty of simply having the chickadees eat the seeds out of their hands has worn off. Now, they’ve escalated chickadee feeding to a competition. Whomever gets the most chickadees to choose his seed wins.

Sibling rivalry

Hey, as long as it gets them out of the house and into the fresh air (and, ahem, in front of my camera) is fine with me.


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I took this almost a year ago, at the end of last winter. I originally had it in colour, and it was okay but didn’t do much for me. I was flipping through my archives thinking about black and white landscapes, and came up with this. I like the contrasty inky quality of it.


I like how the path on the boardwalk is the lightest tone in the image, which automatically draws the eye diagonally across the image, and I like the bit of texture in the sky from the clouds breaking up a bit in the upper right.

Makes me want to go for a walk at Mer Bleue again!


Here’s the thing about photography: sometimes, I take pictures to capture and keep moments in time. Sometimes I take pictures to tell a story. Sometimes I take pictures to show how beautiful the world is.

And sometimes, I take pictures purely to entertain myself. This was one of those times.

Funny sign photo by Ottawa photographer Danielle Donders

This is on a parking garage. I love the warning sign. Hello Captain Obvious! It makes me laugh every time i see it, and it’s hard to tell the scale from the photo but look at the size of that sign compared to the door. It’s practically SHOUTING! I can’t help but wonder what mishap led to this gigantic sign being erected. And the fact that it’s just a wee little bit open – it just makes the whole thing perfect.

I think this one now ranks a close second to my all-time favourite sign photo, a sign which sadly no longer graces the dam beside Watson’s Mill in Manotick:

21:365 Worthless dam operating equipment

I’ll be over here snickering if anybody needs me.

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Here’s the latest fad in winter fashion: chickadee seed hats. All the cool kids are wearing them!

Lucas with a chickadee

Feeding the chickadees in winter is always more fun. They’re hungry and more willing to come a little closer to even the twitchiest human to get some bird seed.

(Don’t you love Lucas’ adorable red tuque? It’s cute even without the optional chickadee attachment.)

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Photo of the day: PD day lunch date

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When you have more than one kid, it’s important to remember to spend time with each kid on his or her own. Today’s PD day provided an excellent opportunity for a lunch date with Lucas, and the crazy delicious light in Five Guys was almost as tasty as the salty, yummy fries.

PD day lunch date!

Hmmm, maybe today’s lesson should also be “let your poor children have lunch without sticking a camera in their faces.” Can you tell I’m getting twitchy for portrait season? Must! Take! All! The! Photos!

(Don’t you love his day-dreamy look though? I love the black and white for this.)

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Photo of the day: Red chairs overlooking downtown

22 January 2016 Mothership Photography

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Photos of the day: Driveway sledding

17 January 2016 Mothership Photography

Sometimes on a Saturday afternoon, you don’t have enough time to get the gang out to the local sledding hill, but you need to get the kids out of the house. They’re not great about finding their own entertainment, but once I pulled down a few sleds, there was fun to be had. The drainage […]

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The ultimate Canadian winter comfort food: Stew-tine

17 January 2016 Eating and thinking and thinking about eating

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