October 2015

Photo of the day: A duck at Watson’s Mill

10 October 2015 Mothership Photography

I wandered out to one of my favourite places, Watson’s Mill in Manotick, to check out the progress of the fall colours. I was taking pictures of the reflections of the leaves in the the water when this photogenic duck plunked herself on a rock about 15 feet in from of me and sat happily […]

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Photo of the day: Autumn tableau

9 October 2015 Photo of the Day

I picked up these sunflowers for my porch portraits earlier this week, and when I was cleaning up afterward I started playing with the placement of the sunflowers, a couple of pumpkins I also picked up for for porch decorations, and my little vintage step ladder. There’s nothing more fun than having a few minutes […]

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#TBT: These are the things I want to remember

8 October 2015 Flashback faves

One thing I really, really love about having had the blog all these years is finding these little morsels of joy. I wrote this for me six years ago, and I was right — I had forgotten almost all of these things, and each one of them is exquisite and worth remembering. For #TBT (throwback […]

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Photo(s) of the day: Headshots on the porch

7 October 2015 Mothership Photography

Most of the time when people come to the porch for portraits, there are little monkeys that I have to chase, cajole, and wrangle. You can imagine how lovely it was, then, to work with this pretty lady on some headshots for her website. Not once did I have to wipe her nose, make a […]

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Five sites to help you chase the fall foliage this Thanksgiving weekend

7 October 2015 5 things

It was such a lovely, lingering summer, wasn’t it? Not everyone loves a warm autumn, though, and just a week or so ago, I was looking at the trees and wondering if our fall foliage season would be a bust. Now that we’ve had a few cool nights, though, and a soaking rain or two, […]

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In which she sings the praises of Telus and her shiny new toy

5 October 2015 Consumer culture

I have been thinking about upgrading my iPhone 4S for almost a year now. The battery is dying and the phone randomly shuts itself down if it gets below 30% charge or the ambient temperature falls below 10C, and I have been afraid to update the last two or three iOS upgrades because the phone […]

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Photo of the day: Sunshine and smiles at 10 months old

3 October 2015 Uncategorized

I so enjoyed working with this sweet family of three that I told them they should give lessons on how to be great subjects. They were easy-going and friendly, followed my directions and even anticipated what I was thinking, were open to my suggestions and came with a few of their own. And on top […]

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