August 2015

The boardwalk at the Chapman Mills conservation area near Barrhaven has always been one of our favourite places for a wander on a summer day. I have dozens of photos of the boys on the boardwalk going back to when we had Katie and before Lucas was even in the picture, so to speak. When I’m going places that we’ve been many times before, I find taking along a different lens lets me see things in a new light, and yesterday felt like a fish-eye kind of day.

Chapman Mills walk-5

Chapman Mills walk-4

Awesome tree, right? This one and the one below were amazing.

Chapman Mills walk-3

(Sigh, not a toddler any more.)

Chapman Mills walk-2

Chapman Mills walk

That last one is the inverted reflection in the water. I wasn’t actually thinking about cropping it and flipping it like that when I took it, but I liked it after I played with it.

Anybody want to go for portraits down at Chapman Mills? My models were patient enough, but I had way more more ideas than they had patience. Sometimes I wonder what their future selves will think of these childhood family adventures where my camera is like the fourth needy child. To their credit, though, they are generally patient with the obsessive picture-taking. So far. πŸ˜‰


It always tickles me when the various streams in my life converge and diverge.

A while ago, someone on Facebook made a passing mention of avocado toast. Specifically, avocado mashed with fresh lime juice and sea salt on toast. I’m pretty sure I drooled, and I can tell you for sure that I tried it right away and it rocketed up to one of my favourite breakfast/snack treats. Three of my absolute favourite flavours on crispy, crumbly toast? I may be drooling as I type this.

Then I was tickled a few days ago when I came across this article on The Kitchn: 11 Easy Ways to Fancy Up Your Avocado Toast, where the author waxes nostalgic “for the good old days when avocado toast was something novel, a little breakfast secret to share with friends. Avocado toast these days, well, it’s gone mainstream.” So avocado toast is not only delicious, but trendy? Who knew? (For what it’s worth, I am not overly enamoured by any of the 11 suggestions and will happily stick with the sublimely simple avocado, lime and sea salt.)

Any doubt that avocado toast was a genuine phenomenon was erased when Getty Images put out a request to photographers this week for images of — avocado toast. “Move over cereal! The latest coveted breakfast is avocado on toast!”

Who knew? Well, aside from me. And, erm, everybody.

But heck yes, I will take photos of my avocado toast before I stuff it into my hungry gob.

avocado toast

avocado toast 2

And, the other revelation of the day? Food photography is HARD, y’all.

Funny aside: the other photo themes Getty was soliciting this week were lighthouses and photos of your feet in various places. It’s like they were reading my mind, or at least my blog. I think I uploaded more photos to Getty this week than I have so far in 2015!

So anyway, back to avocado toast: have you tried it? Do you love it? Do you have a fancy variation that needs to be shared? If you’ll excuse me, I still have four avocados and limes calling my name…


Any weekend with Saturday AND Sunday portraits and wall to wall sunshine is an excellent weekend indeed. Are you ready for another dose of unbelievable cuteness?

How about these guys?

Twin boys on the porch

I know, right? We’ve reached maximum levels of adorableness on the porch. How could it possibly get any cuter than that? And you know what? Mom and Dad and Nana came along for the ride, and weren’t they just the nicest people? These guys made me work for the portraits and I was a hot mess by the time we were done, but it was so worth it.

I hope your weekend was as full of sunshine and smiles and belly laughs as mine was!

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Maybe it’s because I’m a big sister myself, but there is something about this photo that I love – big sister and baby brother in the flower garden. I knew from the moment the shutter clicked that it would be a keeper.

outdoor portrait of children in the flower garden

We had lots of more formal poses with mom and dad and the kids, but it’s these little in-between moments that often end up being my favourites. Sunshine, flowers, cute kids, and friendly people? I can’t think of a better recipe for a lovely Saturday morning.


How much do you love this little guy’s toothy smile?

School portrait on vintage desk

Isnt’ he cute? Lookit that twinkle in his eye. He came with his folks for family portraits on the porch last week, and since he’ll be starting his very first day at school in September, I thought it would be an excellent time to pull out the vintage school desk I picked up for a song last year. I love that moment when I feel like I’ve connected with a shy subject and their personality shines out.

I’m happy to incorporate back to school poses as part of my porch portrait sessions this autumn. I’ve got stacks of vintage books and a few fresh apples to complete the look! Spots always book up quickly in the autumn (whimper – summer, I hardly knew ya!) so please do get in touch soon if you’d like to book your family’s portraits.


I have been trying to get out and walk on my lunch hour as much as possible, or, on the recent days when it has been stupidly hot, early in the morning. I keep meaning to bring my camera, but my iPhone and Instagram seem to be filling the niche. And then when I get home, I completely forget to share them on the blog, so I’m catching up.

This is my favourite. I am in love with Parks Canada right now, between the PEI National Parks discovery programs and an awesome local program I just learned about and will tell you about soon. I never get tired of watching the Parks employees hand-cranking the locks, and especially loved the shapes and clean lines of this overhead action shot.

A #ParksCanada employee cranks the locks by hand at the #Ottawa lock station. Never get tired of watching them do this! #RideauCanal #CanadianCreatives

It was the movement in the water and how it played with the reflections of the “Puzzle Palace” on the Rideau Canal that caught my attention in this shot. I may have gone a wee bit overboard with the filters. It was so hot my filter filter got fried.

Photo 2015-08-17, 12 34 04 PM

Is this not the definition of summer? Again, heavily processed, but I like that sometimes.

Photo 2015-08-17, 12 54 35 PM

I wish I had had my big girl camera with me for this. I was walking by the War Memorial on Elgin Street and happened to notice that one of the Ceremonial Guards was wearing a turban, and his army-green turban had the same insignia of the hat of the guard standing behind him. I loved what it said about being Canadian, and multicultural. I debated between moving closer so you could see him more clearly and framing the shot so you could see the entire Cenotaph, and eventually noticed the angle that included the black-eyed susans in the foreground. I was crouched down taking this shot with my iPhone when a guy with a much bigger camera and a pro lens squatted down beside me and said, as he looked through the viewfinder, “Nice choice on this composition!” I would love to see what he ended up with, but I’m pretty happy with this version.

Photo 2015-08-20, 9 54 02 AM

Here’s a bit of a zoomed-in version:


It makes me so happy being able to get out and exercise my body AND my brain. I never forget to be grateful that we live in such a photogenic city.


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