July 2015

Photo(s) of the day: evening walk on the beach

20 July 2015 Ottawa to PEI 2015

I knew managing expectations was going to be an issue on this trip. After a year of anticipation, planning, scheming and endless hours of dreaming, this vacation had a lot to live up to. And the Universe has a wicked sense of humour. I shouldn’t therefore be surprised that the weather that was hot and […]

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Photo of the day: Family and friends in Fredericton

19 July 2015 Ottawa to PEI 2015

We finally made it all the way back to PEI today but I have to tell you, even though we’ve been scheming for more than a year to get back, the finest part of the day was spent having a lovely visit and wander through Fredericton with my sweet friend Sue and her daughter Miss […]

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Planning for PEI: Stalking Chef Michael Smith redux

15 July 2015 Ottawa to PEI 2015

You might remember that last year when we visited PEI, we spent a fun day in Souris stalking our family’s favourite celebrity chef, Chef Michael Smith. It was one of our favourite days in PEI, even though the chef himself was not actually even in the country at that time. We continue to be big […]

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2015 is my summer of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

12 July 2015 Books

I am ready for our summer trip to PEI. I’ve got my packing list, my annotated maps and guides, my camera gear and sunscreen. What else do you really need for an awesome, epic beach vacation? Reading material, of course! My dilemma is a wealth of riches. I’m at a literary crossroads, and want to […]

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Vintage comic collection for sale – more than 2,100 books!

11 July 2015 Uncategorized

It is with a nostalgic heart that Beloved is parting with his collection of comic books loving collected at comic stores, flea markets and used book stores over the last 30 years. In his words, “It is time for someone else to enjoy my collection.” Could you please feel free to share this information with […]

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I listened to you and let Lucas play keeper. You won’t believe what happened next!

7 July 2015 Lucas

Remember a few weeks ago when I asked you if I was crazy for not wanting my sweet little baby boy to play keeper for his soccer team? And to a one, you told me yes, I was being crazy, and to get over myself and let the child play keeper, for the love of […]

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Happy National Chocolate Day!

7 July 2015 Reviews, promotions and giveaways

Did you know there was a National Chocolate Day? Did you further know that it’s celebrated today, on July 7? Not only is National Chocolate Day celebrated on July 7, but apparently it’s also celebrated on October 28, December 24 and on September 13 it’s INTERnational Chocolate Day. In other words, you’re gonna need a […]

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Photo(s) of the day: Todd’s amazing flying machines

6 July 2015 Photo of the Day

My friend Todd has been feeding a fun hobby with remote controlled helicopters and airplanes over the last couple of years, but we hadn’t had the opportunity to see them in action until yesterday. It was fascinating to see his planes and all the bits of electronics, remotes and batteries that support the works, but […]

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Photo of the day: Granny and Papa Lou

6 July 2015 Mothership Photography

Despite having most of the last five years with a camera stuck to my face, I haven’t yet managed to take a photo of my parents that I love. Until this weekend, that is. We’ve been spending the weekend with my brother and his family, and it’s been crowded, chaotic, silly and wonderful, so it […]

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Photo of the day: Cousins in the tent

4 July 2015 Photo of the Day

Does anything say summertime like a backyard camp out with your cousins? Pretty sure they didn’t all five of them sleep like that all night, but they did make it most of the night out in the tent. Isn’t summer awesome?

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