Photo of the day: Family and friends in Fredericton

by DaniGirl on July 19, 2015 · 0 comments

in Ottawa to PEI 2015

We finally made it all the way back to PEI today but I have to tell you, even though we’ve been scheming for more than a year to get back, the finest part of the day was spent having a lovely visit and wander through Fredericton with my sweet friend Sue and her daughter Miss M. After a quick breakfast on their back deck, we wandered down to the riverfront to this gorgeous old train bridge that has been converted to a pedestrian bridge.

Very photogenic, yes?

Family and friends in Fredericton

And the people are pretty darn cute, too!

After we took this photo, we wandered through the most excellent Fredericton farmer’s market. I wish we would have had longer to browse – it was easily the most busy, intriguing farmer’s market I have ever seen.

I have to tell you, the only reason we stopped in Fredericton was to visit with Sue and Miss M, but I was completely charmed by the town. Beautiful, colourful houses on leafy streets, gorgeous riverfront walk, artsy vibe and that amazing farmer’s market? I could easily see us happy in Fredericton.

Alas, we had but a brief window for a visit, and then back into the car we piled. Can I take one moment to tell you how spectacularly awesome the boys have been on this trip? I swear we could drive half way to the moon and they’d not complain. They barely even bickered. It’s a road trip miracle, brought to you by headphones, candy crush and Spotify offline.

And then, as the day faded in the gloaming, we had the chance to make our way back to the ocean that has called so quietly, so persuasively and so relentlessly over the year since we last visited it.

Finally, the ocean again.

Hello ocean. I missed you. Goodnight…

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It’s good to be back where my soul feels at home.

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