June 2015

Manotick families, support the proposed “pool to school” pathway!

8 June 2015 Postcards from Manotick

This is terrific news for Manotick families with kids at or heading to St Mark High School. Per the latest Manotick Village and Community Association newsletter, there has been movement on the proposed pathway between St Mark High School and the Long Island Aquatic Centre, where it will meet up with the village’s existing network […]

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Photo of the day: Sweet sisters on the porch

8 June 2015 Mothership Photography

Hooray! Another portrait season launched and the porch is officially open for business. I had a visit yesterday from this adorable twosome – look at those sparkly eyes! They were just the perfect mix of sweet and shy with a wee hint of sassy. And oh those matching dresses! I’m sure I’ll be sharing more […]

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In which she makes solid progress in her health and weight goals

6 June 2015 Eating and thinking and thinking about eating

Two months ago, on Easter Sunday, I pulled my FitBit back out of the drawer, where it had been taking a brief break from my wrist. I’ve missed my 10,000 steps per day goal only seven out of the 61 days since then. I’m pretty pleased with that! I’ve really been working on overcoming my […]

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Simon’s piano recital

2 June 2015 Simon

The boys have given us no shortage of reasons to be proud lately. Lucas has been adorable in his enthusiasm about soccer, and Tristan has turned into quite the track and field star. Today’s post, though, is all about Simon. Simon took a year of piano lessons and then took a year off. Throughout the […]

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Photo of the day: Lucas’ first soccer game

1 June 2015 Photo of the Day

Well, I’m pretty sure he’s no David Beckham, but you’ve never seen a happier kid than Lucas at his first ever soccer game. And look, for at least one shutter click, he was paying attention to the ball! Five things I learned at our first soccer game: 1. It’s hella walk from the playground where […]

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In which she capitulates to being a soccer mom

1 June 2015 Mothering without a licence

We are not exactly, if you haven’t yet noticed, a sporty family. I’ve made great strides (pun intended) this year to lead a less sedentary life, though, and have been encouraging the boys to be as active as possible as well. So when Lucas expressed an interest in soccer for the second year in a […]

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