Photo of the day: Cat and rat are friends. Sort of.

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We are the family you need to be friends with, the one that chooses a March Break staycation just so we can stay behind and take care of all of our vacationing friends’ pets! Tristan is taking care of one friend’s cat at home, and Moose the Rat is staying with us for a week.

We also took care of a pair of our friends’ rats last March Break, but sadly, only one of the duo remains. Truth be told, Moose is a pretty old rat, and not long for this earth, but he seems full of vim and vigour to me. In fact, mere minutes before this photo was taken, he gave Willie a generous nip on the nose when Willie got a little too close! I may have guffawed.

Willie meets Moose

You can see that Willie is now keeping his nose a healthy distance away from the bars!

I actually really like having a rat as a pet. They’re neat and sociable and very friendly. Though he nipped Willie rather enthusiastically, he doesn’t bite little fingers thrust between the bars of his cage and he loves to be handled. We try to put Bella in her cage and bring him out for a visit at least once a day. (Leaving Bella out while you take the rat out of its cage results in Bella springing up in shoulder-high jumps, trying to get a closer look. To his credit, this doesn’t seem to faze the rat, either. He really is a mellow creature!)

It’s nice of our friends to let us play with their pets so I don’t keep pestering Beloved for one of my own, isn’t it? 🙂

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