January 2015

Time travel – the 2015/10th anniversary edition

14 January 2015 Editorial asides

Can you believe the blog is TEN YEARS OLD this month? I’ve been blogging for a decade. And that’s not the only milestone anniversary I’m celebrating in 2015. Mothership Photography is five years old this summer. In March, I’ll be celebrating the 25th anniversary (!!) of my first day of work with CRA and Beloved […]

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Photo of the day: Pups in a pile

13 January 2015 Ah, me boys

Our darling old dog Katie arrived in our lives long before any babies did, and I think that’s why she always acted in a very maternal way toward them. Bella, on the other hand, arrived into a pack of noisy, playful boys, and it’s clear she thinks the boys are her littermates; never moreso than […]

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Photo of the day: Family fun on the Rideau Canal

12 January 2015 Ottawa Family Fun

When the last of your Christmas family visitors happen to arrive on the first day that the Rideau Canal is open for the season, and they’ve never visited the world’s longest (or is it largest?) outdoor skating rink, and the temperature rises above minus 10C for the first day in a week, an extended family […]

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Photo of the day: Owl in motion

10 January 2015 Life in Ottawa

You might argue that this is not a photo at all. It’s bits of two photos, actually, plus a filter, and a colour tweak, and some contrast. The snowy owl is from a photo I took about this time last year. Have you ever driven the roads south of town, around Eagleson or Barnsdale or […]

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Photo of the day, #TBT version: Pining for summer in PEI

8 January 2015 Photo of the Day

It’s minus stupidly cold with the wind chill, and my darling Nikon has gone back to the mothership for service, so I decided to post a warm summer #TBT (Throwback Thursday) photo as today’s picture of the day. Then I realized that somehow I had missed including this, probably my favourite photo of 2014 (it’s […]

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Photo of the day: Typebars

7 January 2015 Photo of the Day

When I asked Beloved to digitally sketch me a camera for my new photo website design, the original idea was a vintage typewriter for the blog and a camera for the photography site. And maybe, just maybe, a tattoo of each on my left and right wrists. We ran out of time (and, ahem, attention […]

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An outright ban on toboganning – is that where we are headed?

6 January 2015 Mothering without a licence

Remember waaaaay back in 2007 when we had a great conversation about a proposed helmet law for toboggans? Here’s the next iteration of the bubble-wrap-your-kids movement: apparently some cities are banning tobogganing altogether. According to this article in the National Post, a ban on everyone’s favourite winter pastime is going viral across US cities. “Dubuque, […]

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Photo of the day: Ice and sunlight

5 January 2015 Photo of the Day

Well hallo winter, you’re a bit late this year aren’t you? Came back with a vengeance though, didn’t you? Snow, several hours of freezing rain and then a flash freeze? What a delightful Monday. I nearly froze my aperture off taking photos in the park on my lunch hour. Ah well, at least it’s pretty. […]

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A new year, a fresh start

4 January 2015 Editorial asides

Some people head to the gym in January to work off those extra cookies. Some people put away the Christmas decorations and use the opportunity to clean house and purge. Not this girl. Nope, I spent hours on my arse staring at my computer this weekend – but I’m pretty darn happy with the results! […]

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