October 2012

Flashback faves: Snack Trauma

15 October 2012 Flashback faves

One of the joys of having more than two thousand (!) posts in my archive is the delight of stumbling on to an old post and re-reading it again. I’m pretty sure only my mother has read all of them, and if I’ve forgotten the content I’m pretty sure that most of you probably have […]

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This week in pictures: Thankful

13 October 2012 Photo of the Day

It was Thanksgiving this week, and I could fill pages and hard drives of all the things I have to be thankful for. First and foremost, I am thankful to my brother and his family for making the drive up for an unexpected visit for the weekend: I’m thankful to live in a gorgeous city […]

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There’s an app for that

12 October 2012 Away we go

Way back in the day, I used to blog religiously every.single.day and while there was always fresh content on the blog, you’d get high quality content like, “I have nothing to say today. Come back tomorrow.” Now I’m much more of a capricious blogger, posting only when I’ve got something to say or the ten […]

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Fun tips for family travel

9 October 2012 Away we go

Now that Thankgiving and an awesome surprise visit from my brother’s family is out of the way, I have officially started the obsessing planning phase of our pending family trip. While we have done endless kilometers of road tripping, a family vacation that includes air travel is something new and somewhat intimidating. And the idea […]

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This week in pictures: In which she utterly fails to take a week of black and white photos

6 October 2012 Photo of the Day

I had an idea setting out this week, that I would take nothing but black and white photos for a week, thus teaching myself to better see the type of images that best work in black and white. Ha! Perhaps I should not have chosen the MOST COLOURFUL week of the year to do that? […]

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Five (more) ideas for Thanksgiving fun this weekend in Ottawa

4 October 2012 5 things

Oy, the years are starting to blur together! Back in 2009 I wrote a post with five ideas for fun family activities in Ottawa on Thanksgiving weekend, and it’s been surprisingly popular the last week or so. Lots of people are looking for ideas for something to do with children during the long holiday weekend, […]

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A rambly repeat of our IVF story

3 October 2012 Infertility

It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, and I have so many things in my life to be thankful for that I don’t even know where to start. My brother and his family are on the way for a visit, and the blessings in my life are truly too many to count. As I mentioned last month, […]

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