September 2012

Did you hear the news? The Wiggles are retiring! (I know, I know, there’s a joke in here somewhere, but I have a longstanding and perhaps inexplicable affection for the Wiggles, and so I decided to play this one straight.) Well, not all of the Wiggles, but three of the four original members are handing down their colourful jerseys to a new generation of Wiggles. According to the press release for their farewell tour, stopping in Ottawa on October 16, 2012:

The Wiggles, the fast-dancing, fun-loving Fab Four from Down Under, are returning to Canada (and select U.S. cities) with their brand new show CELEBRATION, which will reunite Original Yellow Wiggle Greg Page with Anthony, Jeff, and Murray for their final tour together at the original Wiggles. After 21 years of entertaining and educating children around the globe, Red Wiggle Murray Cook, Yellow Wiggle Greg Page and Purple Wiggle Jeff Fatt have decided to hang up their trademark colored jerseys to a new generation of Wiggles starting in 2013. The Wiggles have entertained children throughout the world for over two decades and are bringing all the excitement and joy of their movies and television shows right before your eyes, live on stage! Come Celebrate with Anthony, Greg, Murray, and Jeff!

Someone asked on a Facebook group recently if it was “worth it” to splurge on a set of Wiggles tickets for her family, and I had to chime in with an enthusiastic yes. It’s been (eek!) seven years since we splurged for floor seats for our Wiggly fan Simon, and I still remember the experience as a joyfully fun family adventure.

And I’m delighted to be able to share the Wiggly experience with a lucky Ottawa family!

Would you like to win your own tickets? I have a set of four to give away for the 2:30 pm show on October 16. Please note this is a Tuesday, so please don’t enter if you aren’t sure you can attend!

  1. This is a giveaway for a set of four tickets to the Wiggles live show at Scotiabank Place on Tuesday October 16 at 2:30 pm.
  2. To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post telling me who you would take to the concert.
  3. Everyone who “likes” Postcards from the Mothership on Facebook will get a bonus entry. (This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.) If you already like Postcards from the Mothership on FB, just say so in your comment.
  4. This giveaway is open only to Canadian residents, excluding residents of Quebec. (sorry!)
  5. This giveaway will run until 11:59 pm EDT on Monday October 8, 2012.
  6. One winner will be chosen at random from all comments posted.
  7. If you win, you must be willing to provide your full name and contact information to me to share with Scotiabank Place. You will need photo ID to pick up your tickets at Scotiabank Place the day of the show.

Here’s a little bit more information about the show:

Children can have even more wiggly fun while they wait for the show by visiting, The Wiggles’ very own virtual world created specifically for preschoolers and their parents. Parents can monitor their child’s progress and have access to premium promotional offers, contests, merchandise discounts and presale Wiggles tickets! You can also follow the gang on Twitter via or become a fan of the group’s official Facebook page

The Wiggles are proud to announce that their Canadian charity partner for October 2012 is UNICEF, receiving 50 cents from every ticket sold. The Wiggles have a long history with UNICEF including being named Goodwill Ambassadors in 2008, donating a special “handwashing” song to UNICEF in honour of Global Handwashing Day, (annually October 15), and the production of their book Travelling the World for UNICEF, available at, and of which a portion of proceeds is donated to UNICEF.

There are still tickets available for both shows on October 16. Visit Capital Tickets for details!

Edited to add: Congratulations to our winner: Jill Moffatt. Jill, I’ll be in touch to arrange for your tickets. Thank you to everyone who entered, and to the Wiggles for providing the tickets to give away.

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You may have picked up my not-so-subtle hints recently (so not good with the subtlty) that we have something big in the works for this fall. And by big, I mean biggest IN THE WORLD.

I have been trying to write this blog post for a while, and I can never figure out quite which tone to take. I still have trouble telling people I went on a free trip to Mexico last month because I write a blog. Hell, sometimes I still have trouble not apologizing for the fact that I write a blog at all – eight years later and I still twist my toe in the carpet when I tell people about the blog, even though it’s brought me not only amazing friends and connections but pretty much single-handedly launched my photography business and pays a steady part-time income and has led to a regular day job in social media and has brought me trips to Toronto and Vancouver and Mexico. And a cruise. Did I mention the cruise yet?

A CRUISE!!!!!!

Thanks to my amazing friends at Fisher-Price and their partnership with Royal Caribbean International, in three weeks the whole family will be taking a seven-night Caribbean cruise on the world’s largest cruise ship, the Allure of the Seas.

*pauses to shake head and pinch herself for the 100th time*

Although we leave in three weeks (!) I still don’t have a lot of the details. The ship itself sounds absolutely amazing, though: at capacity she holds more than 5000 passengers and nearly 2500 crewmembers, with more than 2000 staterooms on 16 decks. I simply can’t get my head around that sort of scale! I know we will make stops at Labadee, Haiti and Falmouth, Jamaica and Cozumel, Mexico. The ship has seven ‘neighbourhoods’ featuring a full-sized carousel, a zip line, five swimming pools and 10 hot tubs and a Starbucks. Talk about something for everyone!

Image courtesy of Royal Caribbean International

As excited as I am about all of that, you know what I’m most looking forward to? A whole week to simply enjoy my family. Cheesy as it sounds, the idea of simply being with them with no need to worry about cooking, tidying, running off to guitar lessons or getting the groceries or cutting the grass… just a week together with my menfolk. I honestly think that’s the most wonderful part of this whole crazy idea!

So I need a crash course in cruise culture. Anyone have any tips or advice? What to bring, what to avoid, how to tip, how to navigate two airports you’ve never been to before (LaGuardia and Fort Lauderdale) with three kids? Have you been to the ports? Are there excursions you’d recommend or avoid? And for that matter, any tips for traveling with kids at all? Share ’em up please, I’ve got a lot of learning to do in the next three weeks!!

Oh, and the biggest question of all? How will I survive a week without the Internet?!?


This week’s photographs are brought to you by the letter F!

Lucas was having fun on his bike when I managed to get him to hold still for just a minute so I could get in front of him. F is for fun!

Boy on a bike

And he was definitely having fun with this cut-out on the lawn of Watson’s Mill last weekend. (I swear, I have no idea where the pose came from, but I nearly fell over laughing at him! For a four-year-old boy, he’s got a good grasp on what mothering should look like!) F is for Funny:

This mothering thing is giving me a headache

I keep trying to shoot more black and white photographs, but I keep getting seduced by the colours of autumn. I liked how this one turned out, even if they’re being a little less than cooperative with the faces. F is for Fence and Faces.

Boys on the fence

Speaking of the colours of autumn, F is for Farm Fence:

Farm fence

F is definitely for Fog. Shhhh, I may have been a little late for work last Monday when I got downtown and saw that rich, thick fog had completely enveloped the Parliament Buildings. You get the most magical light just when the fog is breaking up – that’s the rising sun throwing fire on to the windows of the East Block on Parliament Hill. What an incredibly beautiful morning it was!

East Block aglow

Did I mention F is for Fall? (See, I just can’t stay away from the colour!)

Autumn leaves

F is for, ummmmmm, feet trodding on ancient roots? No, eh? How about F is for friends? F is for fiendishly cute?

Little boy, big tree

F is for finished! 🙂


Today, I’m blogging over on the new and improved site, telling you all about a fun way for toddlers and preschoolers to learn about gravity: the Fisher-Price Wheelies Loops and Swoops Amusement Park.

Spoiler alert: it looks a little bit like this!

C’mon over and take a peek! 🙂


Have you ever wondered what might happen if you throw a roll of toilet paper into a load of laundry? Or moreso, a roll of one-ply paper on a load of dark dress clothes? Well wonder no more, bloggy peeps, because there is NOTHING I will not do in the name of scientific examination and blog fodder.

Le voila!


Impressive, eh? And of the irony of sitting on the can just minutes before making this discovery, looking at the empty toilet paper holder and thinking, “That’s funny, I was sure I had an extra roll around here somewhere.”

My black dress pants, which I always wash on delicate and hang to dry. There are not enough lint brushes in the world to deal with this.


And to complete our scientific journey of exploration, here is what a roll of one-ply tissue (more irony – we use one-ply because it breaks down easily, better for the septic system) looks like after an encounter with a high-efficiency front loader:


Do you think having a wardrobe that looks like a snowstorm barfed on it is a decent reason to miss work on Monday?


I downloaded some new textures this week and I’ve been having fun with them. Some textures are very subtle, but these ones are a little more obvious. What do you think of the texture use? Do you like the enhancement or do you think it takes away from the image? I try not to fall into the trap of using textures to apologize for an otherwise poorly taken shot, but do admit to using them to add oomph to a shot I find less than compelling.

I love Watson’s Mill in any light, but I may have nearly done it to death, so I thought the texture would add a little variety. There was already a lot of green and gold in this shot as the fall colours start to come up, so I desaturated it a bit more to even them up with the tones in the texture.

Old mill

I used a texture from the same pack on these black-eyed susans. I’m still a little on the fence about how this came out. I tinkered with it for quite a while and then reverted to an earlier version. Oh the time I spend in Photoshop!

black-eyed susans

I used a bit of linen texture on this one to mask a tiny bit of motion blur. (In other words, what I just said I try not to do!)


Speaking of motion – I like this shot of Lucas in motion on the swing because it’s a bit of a different angle, but I absolutely adore the ee cummings quote I found to go along with it: “I thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes.”

"I thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes." ~ e. e. cummings

Speaking of motion redux, we’ve been doing a lot of this lately. Zoom!


No sky and no motion, just an idea for a still life I’d been noodling since it’s back-to-school season.

apple on books

And last but not least, yet another collage of fair pictures. Oh how we love our fairs! This one features an afternoon of fun with Granny at the Richmond Fair last Sunday. The theme of the day was definitely squirt gun races – that’s Granny taking aim in the upper right, but it was Simon in the bottom frame who stole the day by winning against a full table not once but twice, earning his choice of any prize. We’re now calling him Old MacSimon Had a Farm!

Richmond Fair 2012

I loved Justin’s comment on Flickr – “That’s the smile of a man proud of his accomplishments.” Indeed!


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