July 2012

Summer family fun doesn’t have to break the bank!

10 July 2012 Ottawa Family Fun

First, I’d like to say hello and welcome if you’re stopping by after this morning’s segment on CBC Ottawa Morning. Hi! It was a great honour to finally meet Robin, Dave and my co-speaker Chris, aka Canadian Dad. If you missed it, we were talking about the cost of summer with kids. Vacation season is […]

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This week in pictures: The most ecclectic collection yet

8 July 2012 Mothership Photography

Phew, what a week! I don’t think I can easily summarize this collection in a few broad strokes – from a nearly-disastrous photo shoot that turned into one of my favourites to terrible iPhone shots of terribly funny moments, it was a crazy week indeed! On Saturday, I had a portrait session at the Mer […]

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Road trippin’!

7 July 2012 Reviews, promotions and giveaways

Today I’m blogging over on the Fisher-Price Canada blog about tips for road-tripping with kids. Head over and share your tips!

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Porch portraits with Karen’s family

2 July 2012 Mothership Photography

Going in to the portrait session with Karen and her family, I had mixed emotions. First, I was excited, because Karen and I had been having fun with our correspondence, and I was excited to meet her. She’s a hilariously loquacious blogger, and told me she only coerced her husband into the photo shoot by […]

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Shopping for kids or shopping with kids?

1 July 2012 Reviews, promotions and giveaways

I was chatting with a friend over coffee the other day. She was regaling me with tales of taking her son and daughter shopping, and how she’d spent hours in various change rooms watching her clothes-loving divas try on dozens of combinations. Hmmm, I found myself thinking. Have I ever been in a change room […]

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Happy Canada Day!

1 July 2012 Life in Ottawa

Here’s a little set of postcards to for you from the nation’s capital, because Ottawa is never so beautiful as when she’s decked out for Canada Day on a perfect summer day! (That’s all the beauty of Canada Day in Ottawa without the crowds, captured on a sunny Friday afternoon as Ottawa braced for the […]

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