April 2012

This week in pictures: Daffies and other spring delights

22 April 2012 Photo of the Day

Funny, I’m just now realizing why I am so much more prolific with my photo taking in spring, summer and fall than I am in winter – many of my favourite pictures are taken outside. Just like eating outdoors makes any meal taste a little better, fresh air seems to add something to my photography […]

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How one little puddle made a big splash

20 April 2012 Mothership Photography

It was a year ago this week that I took one of my favourite pictures of all time, Lucas jumping in the puddle. We were on our way back to the house, having just walked the big boys to school. Remember how wet and rainy last April was? And I was going to try to […]

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They’re back: Perfect Porch Portrait Manotick Mini-Sessions!

18 April 2012 Life in Ottawa

Did you know it’s just over three weeks until Mother’s Day? And you know what would make a really terrific Mother’s Day gift? Family portraits! I’m absolutely delighted and really quite excited to offer another year of perfect porch mini-sessions at our home in Manotick. These were a huge success last year, and I’ve got […]

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Why I think Indigo Kids is awesome (part 2 of 3), and a giveaway!

16 April 2012 Reviews, promotions and giveaways

This is the second in a set of three posts about how Indigo Kids makes birthday party preparations painless and maybe even fun. Last time, I mentioned how impressed I was to find rows of pre-wrapped (and FREE-wrapped, no less) gift selections at my local Indigo Kids last autumn. Fast forward to March of this […]

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I really really REALLY wish I were putting these on my car

14 April 2012 Mothership Photography

When I knew I would have to buy new tires, I thought it would be fun to keep the bald ones and paint them bright colours and then use them in my porch portraits. Fun idea, eh? Not entirely sure if it’s a GOOD idea, but definitely a FUN idea. So I learned a LOT […]

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This week in pictures: porch portraits, family Easter and other spring beauties

14 April 2012 Photo of the Day

It’s weekends like this that make me glad I’m not shooting on film anymore – I’d have filled up dozens of rolls of film with all the shots I took this week! The week started off with my sweet parents-in-law paying a brief but sunny visit. Normally, the highlight of my Easter weekend photos is […]

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Easter Porch Portraits with the S Family

12 April 2012 Mothership Photography

On the weekend, I had the great pleasure of playing with the delightful kids of the S family as we did a special Easter porch portrait mini-session. You might remember the S family from last summer, when I captured this great portrait of M swinging from the rope in our back yard tree house. (How […]

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“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” ~ Samuel Beckett

11 April 2012 Photography

This is a story about trying, and failing, and ultimately succeeding. More importantly, it’s a story about how my menfolk love me enough to tolerate my cockamamie ideas, indulge my silly whims, and play along with humour and good grace. “I have an idea!” I announced to Beloved. He eyeballed the bunch of red balloons […]

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Celebrate and save with FisherPrice!

10 April 2012 Reviews, promotions and giveaways

You know I love FisherPrice, and I think everyone loves a good deal. What’s not to love about a whole whack of good deals on great FisherPrice gear? FisherPrice is offering up to $90 in savings on items from baby gear to preschool toys! Coupons will be available in-store at Toys R Us and Zellers […]

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This week in pictures: Spring things

8 April 2012 Photo of the Day

I started picking up my camera again instead of just snapping pictures with my iPhone this week. The iPhone is great for stuff, colours and shapes and contrasts and whatnot, but only the Nikon does justice to people, and taking pictures of people is truly what I love about photography. (Photographing stuff comes in really […]

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