This week in pictures: Daffies and other spring delights

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Funny, I’m just now realizing why I am so much more prolific with my photo taking in spring, summer and fall than I am in winter – many of my favourite pictures are taken outside. Just like eating outdoors makes any meal taste a little better, fresh air seems to add something to my photography mojo as well. I suppose that explains why I decided to set up a photo studio on my porch, eh?

This week’s pictures were almost entirely a love song to spring, and what says spring more than silly yellow daffodils bobbing in the breeze?


I love how they grow in banks like that. The ones above were in the park across from Manotick’s Mill, but this guy is growing in my own garden. I slid my iPhone underneath him pointing up to get the yellow to pop against the blue sky.


Speaking of gardens, Lucas and I had a most delightful afternoon examining each dandelion and pansy that have popped up in the grass in front of the house this week. The next day, I had a bit of a surprise when i reached my hand into my jacket pocket and pulled out the damp, wilted lot of them!

Garden collage

Despite the scowly forehead, I can assure you that Tristan was having a great time during our first backyard marshmallow roast last weekend!

First campfire of the season!

This one I’m not sure about. I tinkered with it for quite a while and still couldn’t get it quite where I wanted, but it’s close – and I kinda had to make dinner for the kids, so that also dictated its degree of doneness.

smile for mommy

I didn’t realize until just now that apparently hand-holding is also a bit of a theme this week. This one is Lucas and Beloved on a family walk.

Walking with dad

And I saved the cutest for last. This is Lucas and the daughter of one of my oldest, dearest friends, who also happens to be a raw food chef and culinary teacher. We were walking from the coffee shop to the park one beautiful spring morning when Catalina spontaneously grabbed Lucas’s hand.

Lucas and Catalina

Does it get any cuter than preschoolers holding hands?

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